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High Pressure Carbon Dioxide pasteurization of coconut water: A sport drink with high nutritional and sensory quality 125
Investigating the effect of artificial flavours and external information on consumer liking of apples 109
Effects of pasteurization on volatile compounds and sensory properties of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) water: thermal vs. high-pressure carbon dioxide pasteurization 106
PTR-MS characterization of VOCs associated with commercial aromatic bakery yeasts of wine and beer origin 82
Sweet taste in apple: the role of sorbitol, individual sugars, organic acids and volatile compounds 81
Application of PTR-TOF-MS for the quality assessment of lactose-free milk: Effect of storage time and employment of different lactase preparations 72
Food neophobia and its relation with olfactory ability in common odour identification. 71
Volatile compound changes during shelf life of dried Boletus edulis: comparison between SPME-GC-MS and PTR-ToF-MS analysis 71
A conjoint study on apple acceptability: sensory characteristics and nutritional information 70
Role of fruit flesh cell morphology and MdPG1 allelotype in influencing juiciness and texture properties in apple 66
Monitoring benzene formation from benzoate in model systems by proton transfer reaction-mass spectrometry 64
Sensory and instrumental profiling of 18 apple cultivars to investigate the relation between perceived quality and odour and flavour 62
Application of PTR-TOF-MS to investigate metabolites in exhaled breath of patients affected by coeliac disease under gluten free diet 62
Bioactivity of volatile organic compounds by Aureobasidium species against gray mold of tomato and table grape 62
Correlation of PTR-MS spectral fingerprints with sensory characterisation of flavour and odour profile of "Trentingrana" cheese 61
Application of a sensory-instrumental tool to study apple texture characteristics shaped by altitude and time of harvest 58
Determination of Bitterness of Extra Virgin Olive Oils by Amperometric Detection 57
Short communication: Short-time freezing does not alter the sensory properties or the physical stability of ultra-high-temperature hydrolyzed-lactose milk 57
Effects of supercritical CO2 and N2O pasteurisation on the quality of fresh apple juice 56
Effects of the sound of the bite on apple perceived crispness and hardness 55
Implementing sensory analysis principles in the quality control of Pdo products: a critical evaluation of a real world case study 55
Analysis of Breath by Proton Transfer Reaction Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry in Rats with Steatohepatitis Induced by High-fat Diet 55
Volatile compounds of raspberry fruit: from analytical methods to biological role and sensory impact 55
Volatile compounds and sensory properties of Montasio cheese made from the milk of Simmental cows grazing on alpine pastures 55
Measuring odour emission and biofilter efficiency in composting plants by proton transfer reaction-mass spectrometry 54
A combined sensory-instrumental tool for apple quality evaluation 54
Desorption Kinetics with PTR-MS: Isothermal Differential Desorption Kinetics from a Heterogeneous Inlet Surface at Ambient Pressure and a New Concept for Compound Identification 53
Ethylene: absolute real-time high-sensitivity detection with PTR/SRI-MS: the example of fruits, leaves and bacteria 53
Application of headspace solid-phase micro-extraction gas chromatography for the assessment of the volatiles profiles of ultra-high temperature hydrolysed-lactose milk during production and storage 53
PTR-TOF-MS and data-mining methods for rapid characterisation of agro-industrial samples: influence of milk storage conditions on the volatile compounds profile of Trentingrana cheese 51
Factors influencing sweet taste in apple 50
Arousal influences olfactory abilities in adults with different degree of food neophobia 50
Double clustering of PTR-ToF-MS data enables the mapping of QTLs related to apple fruit volatilome 50
Sensory profiling of apple: methodological aspects, cultivar characterisation and postharvest changes 49
Exploring blueberry aroma complexity by chromatographic and direct-injection spectrometric techniques 49
Assessment of Trentingrana cheese ageing by proton transfer reaction-mass spectrometry and chemometrics 49
In vivo monitoring of strawberry flavour release from model custards: Effect of texture and oral processing 48
Refined measurements of Henry’s law constant of terpenes with inert gas stripping coupled with PTR-MS 48
Mass spectrometry: principles and instrumentation 47
The effect of two orchard light management practices on the sensory quality of apple: fruit thinning by shading or photo-selective nets 47
Volatile compound production during the bread-making process: effect of flour, yeast and their interaction 47
The effect of milk collection and storage conditions on the final quality of Trentingrana cheese: sensory and instrumental evaluation 46
Understanding the effect of storage temperature on the quality of semi-skimmed UHT hydrolyzed-lactose milk: an insight on release of free amino acids, formation of volatiles organic compounds and browning 46
Withering of plucked Trachelospermum jasminoides (star jasmine) flowers – Time-dependent volatile compound profile obtained with SPME/GC–MS and proton transfer reaction-mass spectrometry (PTR-MS) 46
Dynamic and static sensory methods to study the role of aroma on taste and texture: a multisensory approach to apple perception 45
Nosespace analysis by PTR-ToF-MS for the characterization of food and tasters: the case study of coffee 45
Monitoring of lactic fermentation driven by different starter cultures via direct injection mass spectrometric analysis of flavour-related volatile compounds 43
Proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry for the study of the production of volatile compounds by bakery yeast starters 42
QTL mapping of volatile compounds in ripe apples detected by proton transfer reaction-mass spectrometry 42
Mass spectrometry: principles and instrumentation 42
Effect of feeding adaptation of italian simmental cows before summer grazing on animal behavior and milk characteristics 42
Effects of grazing cow diet on volatile compounds as well as physicochemical and sensory characteristics of 12-month-ripened Montasio cheese 41
Fingerprinting mass spectrometry by PTR-MS: heat treatment vs. pressure treatment of red orange juice - a case study 41
PTR-MS study of esters in water and water/ethanol solutions: Fragmentation patterns and partition coefficients 41
Individual variation in fungiform papillae density with different sizes and relevant associations with responsiveness to oral stimuli 41
Nectarine volatilome response to fresh-cutting and storage 41
Overview of Dekkera bruxellensis behaviour in an ethanol-rich environment using untargeted and targeted metabolomic approaches 41
PTR-MS monitoring of odour emissions from composting plants 41
Variability in volatile compounds from lipoxygenase pathway in extra virgin olive oils from Tuscan olive germoplasm by quantitative SPME/GC‐MS 40
Rheological, textural, physicochemical and sensory profiling of a novel functional ice cream enriched with Muscat de Hamburg (Vitis vinifera L.) grape pulp and skins 40
PTR-ToF-MS: A Novel, Rapid, High Sensitivity and Non-invasive Tool to Monitor Volatile Compound Release during Fruit Post-harvest Storage: The Case Study of Apple Ripening 40
Tracing coffee origin by direct injection headspace analysis with PTR/SRI-MS 40
Rapid White Truffle Headspace Analysis by Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry and Comparison with Solid-phase Microextraction Coupled with Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry 40
PTR-TOF-MS Monitoring of in Vitro and in Vivo Flavour Release in Cereal Bars with Varying Sugar Composition 40
The volatile organic compound profile of ripened cheese is influenced by crude protein shortage and conjugated linoleic acid supplementation in the cow's diet 40
Sulfides: Chemical ionization induced fragmentation studied with Proton Transfer Reaction-Mass Spectrometry and density functional calculations 40
Effect of Dairy, Season, and Sampling Position on Physical Properties of Trentingrana Cheese: Application of an LMM-ASCA Model 40
Effetto della pastorizzazione sulle proprietà sensoriali e sui composti volatili dell'acqua di cocco (Cocos nucifera L.): trattamento termico vs. Anidride carbonica supercritica 39
Coupling proton transfer reaction-mass spectrometry with linear discriminant analysis: a case study 39
Characterization of 14 raspberry cultivars by solid-phase microextraction and relationship with gray mold susceptibility 39
PTR-TOF-MS analysis for influence of milk base supplementation on texture and headspace concentration of endogenous volatile compounds in yogurt 39
Proton Transfer Reaction-mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) Headspace Analysis for Rapid Detection of Oxidative Alteration of Olive Oil 39
Proton Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Monitoring of the Evolution of Volatile Compounds during Lactic Acid Fermentation of Milk 39
Rapid and non-destructive identification of strawberry cultivars by direct PTR-MS headspace analysis and data mining techniques 38
PTR-MS in Italy: a multipurpose sensor with applications in environmental, agri-food and health science 38
Prickly Pear Seed Oil Extraction, Chemical Characterization and Potential Health Benefits 38
Effects of dairy system, herd within dairy system, and individual cow characteristics on the volatile organic compound profile of ripened model cheeses 38
PTR-MS measurements and analysis of models for the calculation of Henry's law constants of monosulfides and disulfides 37
Rapid non-invasive quality control of semifinished products for the food industry by direct injection mass spectrometry headspace analysis: the case of milk powder, whey powder and anhydrous milk fat 36
PTR-ToF-MS and data mining methods: a new tool for fruit metabolomics 35
Exploring influences on food choice in a large population sample: the Italian taste project 35
Linking GC-MS and PTR-TOF-MS Fingerprints of Food Samples 34
Rapid ‘‘Breath-Print’’ of liver cirrhosis by Proton Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry: a pilot study 34
Acceptability of scab-resistant apple cultivars 34
Does the 'Mountain Pasture Product' Claim Affect Local Cheese Acceptability? 34
Meet Our Editorial Board Member: 34
Online analysis of breath by Proton Transfer Reaction Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry in cirrhotic patients 33
Investigation of Volatile Compounds in Two Raspberry Cultivars by Two Headspace Techniques: Solid-Phase Microextraction/Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (SPME/GC-MS) and Proton-Transfer Reaction-Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) 33
Metabolite profiling on apple volatiles content based on solid phase microextraction and gas-chromatography time of flight mass spectrometry 32
Effect of the pig rearing system on the final volatile profile of Iberian dry-cured ham as detected by PTR-ToF-MS 32
On quantitative determination of volatile organic compound concentrations using Proton Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry 32
Application of SPME GC-MS to explore possible differences in free-lactose milks from the market 31
Gender Differences in Fat-Rich Meat Choice: Influence of Personality and Attitudes 31
Interplay of apple volatile organic compounds with Neofabraea vagabunda and other post-harvest pathogens 31
Volatile Compounds and Smell Chemicals (Odor and Aroma) of Food 31
Multiclass Methods in the Analysis of Metabolomic Datasets: The Example of Raspberry Cultivar Volatile Compounds Detected by GC–MS and PTR-MS 31
Effetto della stabilizzazione con CO2 e N2O ad alta pressione sulla qualità del succo di mela 30
Supercritical carbon dioxide pasteurization of coconut water, a sport drink with a high vitaminic and nutritional content 30
Sweeter with less sugar: the case of apples and apple juices from FEM apple collection 30
Special Issue "Volatile Compounds and Smell Chemicals (Odor and Aroma) of Food" 30
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