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Bremen 1
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Gorizia 1
Guangzhou 1
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Nome #
GW170817: Joint Constraint on the Neutron Star Equation of State from Multimessenger Observations 139
Dual black holes in merger remnants - II. Spin evolution and gravitational recoil 134
Neutrino pair annihilation above merger remnants: Implications of a long-lived massive neutron star 127
Compact radio emission indicates a structured jet was produced by a binary neutron star merger 125
AT 2017gfo: An Anisotropic and Three-component Kilonova Counterpart of GW170817 121
An advanced leakage scheme for neutrino treatment in astrophysical simulations 115
Binary Neutron Star Mergers: Mass Ejection, Electromagnetic Counterparts, and Nucleosynthesis 110
Core-collapse supernovae in the hall of mirrors: A three-dimensional code-comparison project 107
PUSHing Core-collapse Supernovae to Explosions in Spherical Symmetry. II. Explodability and Remnant Properties 105
Neutrino-driven winds from neutron star merger remnants 104
On the orientation and magnitude of the black hole spin in galactic nuclei 104
Effects of circumnuclear disk gas evolution on the spin of central black holes 104
MODA: A new algorithm to compute optical depths in multidimensional hydrodynamic simulations 103
Mass and spin co-evolution during the alignment of a black hole in a warped accretion disc 103
Magnetorotationally driven supernovae as the origin of early galaxy r-process elements? 103
Matter-neutrino resonance transitions above a neutron star merger remnant 103
PUSHing Core-collapse Supernovae to Explosions in Spherical Symmetry. III. Nucleosynthesis Yields 102
The Properties of Short Gamma-Ray Burst Jets Triggered by Neutron Star Mergers 102
r-Process Nucleosynthesis in the Early Universe Through Fast Mergers of Compact Binaries in Triple Systems 102
On the role of black hole spin and accretion in powering relativistic jets in AGN 101
Neutrino flavor evolution in binary neutron star merger remnants 99
CoRe database of binary neutron star merger waveforms 97
The role of weak interactions in dynamic ejecta from binary neutron star mergers 97
Neutrino-driven winds in the aftermath of a neutron star merger: Nucleosynthesis and electromagnetic transients 96
Neutrino processes in partially degenerate neutron matter 96
Gravitational-wave luminosity of binary neutron stars mergers 95
The impact of different neutrino transport methods on multidimensional core-collapse supernova simulations 93
All-sky search for long-duration gravitational-wave transients in the second Advanced LIGO observing run 92
PUSHing Core-collapse Supernovae to Explosions in Spherical Symmetry: 1: the Model and the Case of SN 1987A 91
GW170817: Measurements of Neutron Star Radii and Equation of State 90
Viscous-dynamical Ejecta from Binary Neutron Star Mergers 81
Optimization of Finite-Differencing Kernels for Numerical Relativity Applications 78
Long-lived remnants from binary neutron star mergers 78
The advanced Virgo longitudinal control system for the O2 observing run 74
Neutron star binary orbits in their host potential: Effect on early R-process enrichment 69
Increasing the Astrophysical Reach of the Advanced Virgo Detector via the Application of Squeezed Vacuum States of Light 64
GWTC-1: A Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog of Compact Binary Mergers Observed by LIGO and Virgo during the First and Second Observing Runs 63
All-sky search for short gravitational-wave bursts in the second Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo run 62
Thermodynamics conditions of matter in the neutrino decoupling region during neutron star mergers 61
Black holes, gravitational waves and fundamental physics: A roadmap 60
Gravitational-wave Constraints on the Equatorial Ellipticity of Millisecond Pulsars 59
PUSHing Core-collapse Supernovae to Explosions in Spherical Symmetry: 4: Explodability, Remnant Properties, and Nucleosynthesis Yields of Low-metallicity Stars 59
Search for Eccentric Binary Black Hole Mergers with Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo during Their First and Second Observing Runs 58
Electromagnetic counterparts of black hole–neutron star mergers: dependence on the neutron star properties 58
Calibration of advanced Virgo and reconstruction of the detector strain h( t) during the observing run O3 56
Model comparison from LIGO-Virgo data on GW170817's binary components and consequences for the merger remnant 55
GW190412: Observation of a binary-black-hole coalescence with asymmetric masses 55
Unveiling the enigma of ATLAS17aeu 53
Thermodynamics conditions of matter in neutron star mergers 53
Search for Gravitational-wave Signals Associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts during the Second Observing Run of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo 52
Kilohertz gravitational waves from binary neutron star remnants: Time-domain model and constraints on extreme matter 50
Observational constraints on the optical and near-infrared emission from the neutron star-black hole binary merger candidate S190814bv 47
GW190521: A Binary Black Hole Merger with a Total Mass of 150 M 47
Accretion-induced prompt black hole formation in asymmetric neutron star mergers, dynamical ejecta, and kilonova signals 47
Inferring prompt black-hole formation in neutron star mergers from gravitational-wave data 46
A comparison between short GRB afterglows and kilonova AT2017gfo: Shedding light on kilonovae properties 46
Quantum Backaction on kg-Scale Mirrors: Observation of Radiation Pressure Noise in the Advanced Virgo Detector 45
Search for intermediate mass black hole binaries in the first and second observing runs of the Advanced LIGO and Virgo network 42
Filling the Mass Gap: How Kilonova Observations Can Unveil the Nature of the Compact Object Merging with the Neutron Star 42
Spiral-wave Wind for the Blue Kilonova 41
Can jets make the radioactively powered emission from neutron star mergers bluer? 41
Numerical relativity simulations of the neutron star merger GW170817: Long-term remnant evolutions, winds, remnant disks, and nucleosynthesis 40
Optically targeted search for gravitational waves emitted by core-collapse supernovae during the first and second observing runs of advanced LIGO and advanced Virgo 40
Properties and Astrophysical Implications of the 150 M o˙Binary Black Hole Merger GW190521 39
GW190814: Gravitational Waves from the Coalescence of a 23 Solar Mass Black Hole with a 2.6 Solar Mass Compact Object 38
All-sky search for long-duration gravitational-wave bursts in the third Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo run 37
A multidimensional implementation of the Advanced Spectral neutrino Leakage scheme 36
Open data from the first and second observing runs of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo 36
All-sky search in early O3 LIGO data for continuous gravitational-wave signals from unknown neutron stars in binary systems 36
null 34
High-bandwidth beam balance for vacuum-weight experiment and Newtonian noise subtraction 34
Upper limits on the isotropic gravitational-wave background from Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo's third observing run 33
All-sky search for short gravitational-wave bursts in the third Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo run 33
Constraints on dark photon dark matter using data from LIGO's and Virgo's third observing run 32
Search for Subsolar Mass Ultracompact Binaries in Advanced LIGO's Second Observing Run 32
Light-curve models of black hole - neutron star mergers: Steps towards a multi-messenger parameter estimation 31
A joint fermi-gbm and ligo/virgo analysis of compact binary mergers from the first and second gravitational-wave observing runs 31
Microscopic equation of state of hot nuclear matter for numerical relativity simulations 31
Search of the early O3 LIGO data for continuous gravitational waves from the Cassiopeia A and Vela Jr. supernova remnants 31
A Gravitational-wave Measurement of the Hubble Constant following the Second Observing Run of Advanced LIGO and Virgo 30
The dynamics of binary neutron star mergers and GW170817 29
Constraints on Cosmic Strings Using Data from the Third Advanced LIGO-Virgo Observing Run 28
Population properties of compact objects from the second LIGO-Virgo gravitational-wave transient catalog 27
Search for intermediate-mass black hole binaries in the third observing run of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo 27
Constraints from LIGO O3 Data on Gravitational-wave Emission Due to R-modes in the Glitching Pulsar PSR J0537-6910 26
Isoentropic equations of state of β -stable hadronic matter with a quark phase transition 26
A new moment-based general-relativistic neutrino-radiation transport code: Methods and first applications to neutron star mergers 25
Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts Detected by Fermi and Swift during the LIGO–Virgo Run O3b 25
Searches for continuous gravitational waves from young supernova remnants in the early third observing run of advanced LIGO and Virgo 24
Constraints on the Maximum Densities of Neutron Stars from Postmerger Gravitational Waves with Third-Generation Observations 24
All-sky, all-frequency directional search for persistent gravitational waves from Advanced LIGO's and Advanced Virgo's first three observing runs 23
Search for anisotropic gravitational-wave backgrounds using data from Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo's first three observing runs 23
AT2017gfo: Bayesian inference and model selection of multicomponent kilonovae and constraints on the neutron star equation of state 23
All-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from isolated neutron stars using Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo O3 data 22
Narrowband Searches for Continuous and Long-duration Transient Gravitational Waves from Known Pulsars in the LIGO-Virgo Third Observing Run 22
Diving below the Spin-down Limit: Constraints on Gravitational Waves from the Energetic Young Pulsar PSR J0537-6910 22
Search for continuous gravitational waves from 20 accreting millisecond x-ray pulsars in O3 LIGO data 22
All-sky search for gravitational wave emission from scalar boson clouds around spinning black holes in LIGO O3 data 22
Observation of Gravitational Waves from Two Neutron Star-Black Hole Coalescences 21
Search for continuous gravitational wave emission from the Milky Way center in O3 LIGO-Virgo data 19
Totale 6.036
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2020/2021887 44 84 60 60 77 93 76 120 106 87 37 43
2021/20221.371 110 73 0 26 151 93 35 151 133 311 114 174
2022/20231.200 182 143 14 100 74 150 4 104 294 40 72 23
2023/2024738 25 56 86 34 107 191 40 24 0 52 33 90
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