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Nome #
Test on the effectiveness of the sum over paths approach in favoring the construction of an integrated knowledge of quantum physics in high school 148
Colours in your pocket: Smartphone-based spectrometers to investigate the quantum world 126
The Beer Lambert law measurement made easy 124
Discussing fundamental topics of quantum physics using visualizations of bound states 110
Three years evaluation of a teaching learning sequence on rolling motion based on a blended learning environment 110
The Augmented Laboratory - A mixed reality setup for physics education 108
The Augmented Laboratory – 3D, Multiple Object Tracking 100
Investigating the role of sliding friction in rolling motion: a teaching sequence based on experiments and simulations 94
Using high speed smartphone cameras and video analysis techniques to teach mechanical wave physics 93
Looking at phosphorescence with a smartphone, explaining phosphorescence with a dice toy model 92
What are we looking at when we say magenta? Quantitative measurements of RGB and CMYK colours with a homemade spectrophotometer 92
Landau levels and edge states in carbon nanotubes: A semiclassical approach 89
Microscopic and probabilistic approach to thermal steady state based on a dice and coin toy model 87
Quantum wires as logic operators: XNOR and NOR gate response in a ballistic interferometer 84
From the dicey world to the physical laws: dice toy models for bridging microscopic and macroscopic understanding of physical phenomena 83
Modulation of Luttinger liquid exponents in multiwalled carbon nanotubes 82
Investigating the magnetic interaction with GEOMAG and Tracker video analysis: static equilibrium and anharmonic dynamics 81
Magnetic damping: Integrating experimental and theoretical analysis 79
Damped oscillations and equilibrium in a mass-spring system subject to sliding friction forces: Integrating experimental and theoretical analyses 77
Landau levels for relativistic particles: Einstein–Brillouin–Keller quantization approach 76
The surprising rolling spool: experiments and theory from mechanics to phase transitions 74
Time-lapse and slow-motion tracking of temperature changes: response time of a thermometer 74
Transport through a double barrier for interacting quasi one-dimensional electrons in a quantum wire in the presence of a transverse magnetic field 73
Cylindric quantum wires in a threading magnetic field: A proposal of characterization based on zero bias electron transport 72
The photoluminescence of a fluorescent lamp: didactic experiments on the exponential decay 72
Spin-orbit coupling in a quantum dot at high magnetic field 70
Two Lagrange-like optical invariants and some applications 69
Reconstruction of Huygens’ gedanken experiment and measurements based on video analysis tools. 69
Multiple object, three-dimensional motion tracking using the Xbox Kinect sensor 69
Magnetic field effects and renormalization of the long-range Coulomb interaction in Carbon Nanotubes 68
Single-wall nanotubes:Atomiclike behavior and microscopic approach 68
Tuning electronic transport in cobalt-filled carbon nanotubes using magnetic fields 68
Quantum Hall Fabry-Perot interferometer: Logic gate responses 68
Spectral study of Na source with a smartphone and a diffraction grating 68
Suppression of electron electron repulsion and superconductivity in Ultra Small Carbon Nanotubes 67
Measuring the hydrogen Balmer series and Rydberg's constant with a homemade spectrophotometer 67
Two experiments for the measurement of the centre of percussion of a physical pendulum 67
Phase transitions in one-dimensional mechanical models of thermodynamics and the physics of the Hall bar system 66
What Feynman could not yet use: The generalised Hong-Ou-Mandel experiment to improve the QED explanation of the Pauli exclusion principle 66
A sum-over-paths approach to one-dimensional time-independent quantum systems 66
Quantum nanojunctions as spintronic logic operators: Gate response in a two input ballistic interferometer 66
Large N effects and renormalization of the long-range Coulomb interaction in carbon nanotubes 65
Quenching of the spin Hall effect in ballistic nanojunctions 65
Spintronic single-qubit gate based on a Π -shaped lateral quantum dot with spin-orbit interaction 65
Spin phases and currents in ring shaped one-dimensional quantum dot arrays 64
Spin Hall effect and spin-orbit coupling in ballistic nanojunctions 64
Transport through a double barrier in Large Radius Carbon Nanotubes with a transverse magnetic field 62
The influence of dimensionality on superconductivity in carbon nanotubes 60
The role of the geometry in multiwall carbon nanotube interconnects 60
Improving the connection between the microscopic and macroscopic approaches to thermodynamics in high school 59
Spin phases in disk-and ring-shaped quantum dots in a threading magnetic field 58
Studying motion along cycloidal paths by means of digital video analysis 58
null 57
Mechanical sensors and plastic syringes to verify the gas laws without neglecting friction 56
Integer spin Hall effect in ballistic quantum wires 55
How can magnetic force do work? Investigating the problem with students 53
Quantitative analysis of transmittance and photoluminescence using a low cost apparatus 52
Quantitative Measurements of RGB and CMYK Colours with a Homemade Spectrophotometer 52
null 50
Light interference from a soap film: A revisited quasi-monochromatic experiment 50
Magnetic field effects on low dimensional electron systems: Luttinger liquid behaviour in a quantum wire 49
Video analysis-based experiments regarding Malus' law 49
Experiments and models about the force between permanent magnets: Asymptotic analysis of a difficult problem 49
Interacting electrons in one dimensional quantum rings in a threading magnetic field: Spin phases and correlations 46
Pre-service teachers' approaches to a historical problem in mechanics 46
Achilles overtakes the turtle: experiments and theory addressing students' difficulties with infinite processes 44
Studying colours with a smartphone 43
Insegnare la fisica quantistica a scuola: un percorso basato sul metodo dei cammini di Feynman 40
A study of the Boltzmann and Gibbs entropies in the context of a stochastic toy model 39
Three experiments on the Einstein's lift 38
Commercial virtual reality headsets for developing augmented reality setups to track three-dimensional motion in real time 37
GeoGebra simulations for Feynman’s sum over paths approach 36
Using smartphone cameras and ambient light sensors in distance learning: The attenuation law as experimental determination of gamma correction 36
Rolling motion: Experiments and simulations focusing on sliding friction forces 35
Educational reconstructions of quantum physics using the sum over paths approach with energy dependent propagators 35
How Studying Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming can Help Understanding Energy 34
From chance to the physical laws: Toy models to connect the microscopic and macroscopic understanding of physical phenomena 33
Learning motion concepts using Augmented Reality Active Learning (AnReAL) activities 33
A sequence of experiments and models to grasp the strange nature of light 33
High school student difficulties in drawing the field lines for two magnets 32
Quantum rings with tunnel barriers in a threading magnetic field: Spectra, persistent current and ballistic conductance interaction 29
Quantitative experiments in a distance lab: Studying blackbody radiation with a smartphone 29
‘Home made’ model to study the greenhouse effect and global warming 22
Low-dimensional nanostructures and a semiclassical approach for teaching Feynman's sum-over-paths quantum theory 13
The surprising rolling spool: librational motion and failure of the pure rolling condition 10
A teaching-learning sequence to present the relativity principle and the principle of equivalence in classical Mechanics to pre-service physics teachers 7
Teaching quantum physics by the sum over paths approach and GeoGebra simulations 7
Guiding Students towards an Understanding of Climate Change through a Teaching–Learning Sequence 6
A simple experimental setup for investigating light diffraction with a thin copper wire and a LED 6
Introducing Quantum Technologies at Secondary School Level: Challenges and Potential Impact of an Online Extracurricular Course 5
Recent Progress on the Sum over Paths Approach in Quantum Mechanics Education 4
A Classical Experiment for the Quantum Eraser: A Comparison Between Model and Experimental Results 1
Augmented Reality Active Learning (AnReAL) activities for teaching/learning motion concepts 1
A Single Photo for Calibration and Measurement: A Low-Cost Spectrometry Setup 1
Totale 5706
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