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Nuremberg 1
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Rotterdam 1
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Uxbridge 1
Vientiane 1
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Nome #
Design of a 2DOF vibrational energy harvesting device 78
Comparing the performance of optimally tuned dynamic vibration absorbers with very large or very small moment of inertia 69
Inferring the most probable maps of underground utilities using Bayesian mapping model 66
Active control of the longitudinal-lateral vibration of a shaft-plate coupled system 65
Off-road motorcycle tyre force estimation 58
Tree root detection from ground surface vibration measurements 58
Actuation and dynamic mechanical characteristics of a core free flat dielectric electro active polymer soft actuator 53
Active vibration control of planetary gears by pole placement 51
Removing surface accretions with piezo-excited high-frequency structural waves 49
Experimental implementation of a self-tuning control system for decentralised velocity feedback 48
Axisymmetric semi-analytical finite elements for modelling waves in buried/submerged fluid-filled waveguides 47
A comparison of models of the isometric force of locust skeletal muscle in response to pulse train inputs 47
Active Vibration Isolation Using a Dielectric Electro-Active Polymer Actuator 47
Improved Modelling of a Nonlinear Parametrically Excited System with Electromagnetic Excitation 46
Gas pipeline leak noise measurements using optical fibre distributed acoustic sensing 45
Design and laboratory testing of pneumatic devices for the acoustic excitation of water filled plastic pipes 44
3D buried utility location using a marching-cross-section algorithm for multi-sensor data fusion 43
An application review of dielectric electroactive polymer actuators in acoustics and vibration control 43
Wave propagation in rods with an exponentially varying cross-section - Modelling and experiments 42
Parametrically Excited Nonlinear Two-Degree-of-Freedom Electromechanical Systems 41
An adaptive anechoic termination for active vibration control 41
The Detection of Vertical Cracks in Asphalt Using Seismic Surface Wave Methods 40
Vibrations 40
Semi-analytical modelling of piezoelectric excitation of guided waves 40
An analytical model of ground surface vibration due to axisymmetric wave motion in buried fluid-filled pipes 38
Optimum Tuning of Passive Tuned Mass Dampers for the Mitigation of Pulse-Like Responses 36
Stochastic road excitation and control feasibility in a 2D linear tyre model 35
A study on calculation method for mechanical impedance of air spring 35
A shape memory alloy adaptive tuned vibration absorber: Design and implementation 35
An experimentally validated parametrically excited vibration energy harvester with time-varying stiffness 35
Real-time control of a shape memory alloy adaptive tuned vibration absorber 35
Optimisation of dynamic vibration absorbers to minimise kinetic energy and maximise internal power dissipation 33
Exploiting spectral differences between two acoustic imaging methods for the in situ evaluation of surface-breaking cracks in asphalt 33
Experimental characterisation of a flat dielectric elastomer loudspeaker 33
Theoretical investigation into tunable band gaps of an Euler- Bernoulli beam with 2DOF LR structures 33
Phase dependent nonlinear parametrically excited systems 32
Design of a novel magneto-rheological squeeze-film damper 32
Delamination of surface accretions with structural waves: Piezo-actuation and power requirements 32
The Development of an Intelligent Hybrid Active-passive Vibration Isolator 32
Linear stochastic evaluation of tyre vibration due to tyre/road excitation 32
Modelling piezoelectric excitation in waveguides using the semi-analytical finite element method 31
Analytical simulation of low frequency wave radiation from a buried water pipe 31
Assessing the Underworld – Understanding the Context for Engineering the Next Generation Infrastructure 30
Remote pipeline assessment and condition monitoring using low-frequency axisymmetric waves: A theoretical study of torsional wave motion 30
On the optimization of a hybrid tuned mass damper for impulse loading 29
Experimental simulation of the sharpening process of a disc blade and analysis of its dynamic response 29
On the detection of objects buried at a shallow depth using seismic wave reflections 29
Erratum to “An experimental approach for the determination of axial and flexural wavenumbers in circular exponentially tapered bars” [Journal of Sound and Vibration 390 (2017) 67–85] (S0022460X1630551X) (10.1016/j.jsv.2016.10.018) 28
A novel method for the remote condition assessment of buried pipelines using low-frequency axisymmetric waves 28
Subject-specific musculoskeletal parameters of wrist flexors and extensors estimated by an EMG-driven musculoskeletal model 28
Slow motor neuron stimulation of locust skeletal muscle: Model and measurement 28
A simple method for choosing the parameters of a two degree-of-freedom tuned vibration absorber 27
Tyre forces estimation for off-road motorcycles 27
Optimisation of off-road motorcycle suspensions 27
A unified approach to optimal conditions of power harvesting using electromagnetic and piezoelectric transducers 27
Dynamic response of a nonlinear parametrically excited system subject to harmonic base excitation 27
Comparative study of time delay estimators for steady-state and transient acoustic leak signals 27
Estimating the spectrum of leak noise in buried plastic water distribution pipes using acoustic or vibration measurements remote from the leak 26
Apodization and phase methods applied to the seismic detection of underground objects 26
Corrigendum to “An analytical model of ground surface vibration due to axisymmetric wave motion in buried fluid-filled pipes” [J. Sound Vib. 395 (2017) 142–159] (S0022460X17301165) (10.1016/j.jsv.2017.02.022)) 26
The in-situ evaluation of surface-breaking cracks in asphalt using a wave decomposition method 25
A magnetorheological fluid damper for rotor applications 25
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Recent Advances in Structural Dynamics 25
'Mapping the Underworld': Recent developments in vibro-acoustic techniques to locate buried infrastructure 23
An experimental approach for the determination of axial and flexural wavenumbers in circular exponentially tapered bars 23
A theoretical study of the fundamental torsional wave in buried pipes for pipeline condition assessment and monitoring 23
Influence of disturbances on the control of PC-mouse, goal-directed arm movements 22
Proceedings of the: 13th International Conference on Motion and Vibration Control (MoViC 2016), 12th International Conference on Recent Advances in Structural Dynamics (RASD 2016) 22
Isometric force generated by locust skeletal muscle: Responses to single stimuli 21
Wave propagation in an aircraft wing slat for de-icing purposes 20
A tubular dielectric elastomer actuator: Fabrication, characterization and active vibration isolation 20
Vibration control of beams and plates with hybrid active-passive constrained layer damping treatments 20
Force transmissibility of structures traversed by a moving system 19
Experimental shock and vibration response of magnetorheological elastomer isolator 19
Ground surface vibration due to axisymmetric wave motion in buried fluid-filled pipes 19
Modelling the isometric force response to multiple pulse stimuli in locust skeletal muscle 19
A Multi-Component Approach to the Seismic Characterization of Real Multi-Layered Media 18
A numerical investigation into the effect of the supports on the vibration of rotating shafts 17
On the distinction of axisymmetric waves within a fluid-filled pipe using wavenumber measurement 17
Prediction of acoustic emission of a rigid electrodes DEAP loudspeaker 16
Joint Use of Seismic and Electromagnetic Methods in Geophysical Surveys 16
Theoretical investigation of 2dof vibrating system and its application to dynamic vibration absorber 16
Modelling and experimental characterisation of a compressional adaptive magnetorheological elastomer isolator 16
A novel study on the reduction of non-exhaust particulate matter emissions through system vibration control 16
Theoretical analysis of the energy conversion and vibration control characteristics of a slanted beam termination 15
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