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NA - Nord America 3.931
EU - Europa 725
AS - Asia 159
SA - Sud America 6
OC - Oceania 3
AF - Africa 2
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 1
Totale 4.827
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 3.925
IT - Italia 183
UA - Ucraina 158
CN - Cina 101
SE - Svezia 94
FI - Finlandia 82
GB - Regno Unito 78
BG - Bulgaria 61
DE - Germania 38
KR - Corea 18
VN - Vietnam 17
PL - Polonia 8
CA - Canada 6
ES - Italia 5
JP - Giappone 5
SG - Singapore 5
RU - Federazione Russa 4
AU - Australia 3
CL - Cile 3
TR - Turchia 3
TW - Taiwan 3
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 2
BR - Brasile 2
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 2
IN - India 2
NO - Norvegia 2
PT - Portogallo 2
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 2
ZA - Sudafrica 2
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AR - Argentina 1
AT - Austria 1
DK - Danimarca 1
FR - Francia 1
ID - Indonesia 1
IL - Israele 1
MD - Moldavia 1
MY - Malesia 1
NL - Olanda 1
RO - Romania 1
Totale 4.827
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Chandler 577
Fairfield 515
Jacksonville 340
Ashburn 310
Woodbridge 266
Seattle 217
Wilmington 206
Houston 184
San Mateo 166
Princeton 160
Cambridge 159
Ann Arbor 111
Trento 106
Sofia 61
Beijing 60
San Diego 53
New York 42
Lawrence 35
London 34
Helsinki 33
Boardman 22
Dearborn 22
Norwalk 18
Dong Ket 15
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San Paolo di Civitate 10
Washington 10
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Hanover 7
Hefei 7
Kilburn 7
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Toronto 6
Vicenza 6
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Guangzhou 5
Cagliari 4
Fremont 4
Frankfurt am Main 3
Fuzhou 3
Izmir 3
Jinan 3
Kansas City 3
Kaohsiung City 3
Kunming 3
Padova 3
Phoenix 3
Prescot 3
Saint Louis 3
Acton 2
Altamura 2
Brno 2
Centro 2
Como 2
Curitiba 2
Falkenstein 2
Gdansk 2
Islington 2
Madrid 2
Novokuznetsk 2
Portland 2
Quzhou 2
Santa Croce sull'Arno 2
Sao Pedro do Sul 2
Singapore 2
Trieste 2
Wandsworth 2
Warsaw 2
Amsterdam 1
Aquila 1
Asti 1
Bangalore 1
Basking Ridge 1
Bratislava 1
Buenos Aires 1
Ceyrat 1
Changsha 1
Chicago 1
Chisinau 1
Chongqing 1
Clearwater 1
Costa Mesa 1
Dallas 1
Darmstadt 1
Derio 1
Fabriano 1
Grevenbroich 1
Jakarta 1
Jiaxing 1
Jinhua 1
Kemerovo 1
Kuala Lumpur 1
La Canada Flintridge 1
Las Vegas 1
Laurel 1
Lecce 1
Totale 3.937
Nome #
Abrasion resistance of vitreous enamel coatings in function of frit composition and particles presence 151
Study of selective deposition mechanism of cerium-based conversion coating on Rheo-HPDC aluminium-silicon alloys 125
Effect of Segregation and surface condition on corrosion of Rheo-HPDC Al-Si alloys 119
Carbon Xerogels as Electrodes for Supercapacitors. The Influence of the Catalyst Concentration on the Microstructure and on the Electrochemical Properties 115
Evaluation of aesthetic durability of waterborne polyurethane coatings applied on wood for interior applications 106
Crevice Corrosion Study of Materials for Propulsion Applications in the Marine Environment 103
Application of a molybdenum and tungsten disulfide coating to improve tribological properties of orthodontic archwires 103
Corrosion properties of micro- and nanocomposite copper matrix coatings produced from a copper pyrophosphate bath under pulse current 102
Influence of mill additives on vitreous enamel properties 99
Resistance to localized corrosion of pure Ni, micro- and nano-SiC composite electrodeposits 96
Corrosion protection of silver coated reflectors by atomic layer deposited Al2O3 94
Electrical Conductivity of SiOCN Ceramics by the Powder-Solution-Composite Technique 92
Study of the influence of sonication during the electrodeposition of nickel matrix nanocomposite coatings on the protective properties 90
Properties of AZ91 alloy produced by spark plasma sintering and extrusion 88
Correlation between electrophoretic clear coats properties and electrochemical characteristics of noble substrates 84
Comparison of organic coating accelerated tests and natural weathering considering meteorological data 82
Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) failure in marine areas of fixed guards for climbing 80
Influence of the electrochemical behavior of metal substrates on the properties of cataphoretic clearcoat 79
Electropolymerization and possible corrosion protection effect of polypyrrole coatings on AA1050 (UNS A91050) in NaCl solutions 79
Influence of the particle size on the mechanical and electrochemical behaviour of microand nano-nickel matrix composite coatings 78
Scaling-up of the electrodeposition process of nano-composite coating for corrosion and wear protection 78
Elastic grain interaction in electrodeposited nanocomposite Nickel matrix coatings 78
Effect of ultrasound vibration during electrodeposition of Ni-SiC nanocomposite coatings 77
Inhibition of the Cu65/Zn35 brass corrosion by natural extract of Camellia sinensis 75
Deposition and Characterization of Cerium-Based Conversion Coating on HPDC Low Si Content Aluminum Alloy 71
Effect of pulse current on the electrodeposition of copper from choline chloride-ethylene glycol 68
MgAl-LDH/graphene protective film: Insight into LDH-graphene interaction 67
Comparative study of Ni-Sn alloys electrodeposited from choline chloride-based ionic liquids in direct and pulsed current 65
Promotion of young European scientists in surface technology 65
Effect of Si Content and Morphology on Corrosion Resistance of Anodized Cast Al-Si Alloys 61
Microstructural, surface topology and nanomechanical characterization of electrodeposited Ni-P/SiC nanocomposite coatings 60
Electrochemical behaviour of CrCoMo biomedical alloy in presence of localized impurities 56
Al2O3 and AlN atomic layer deposited coatings for the corrosion protection of silver and stainless steel substrates 55
New European Training Network solving corrosion problems on micro- and nanoscale: mCBEEs 55
Effect of microstructure on the properties of a biomedical Co-Cr-Mo alloy produced by MIM 53
Microstructure and mechanical properties of bronze matrix nanocomposite coatings 53
Evaluation of the abrasion resistence of enamel coatings 53
Study of bath properties and deposition parameters in the copper electrodeposition from deep eutectic solvent 52
Crevice Corrosion Study in marine Environment of different Materials for Propulsion Applications 51
Influence of sintering parameters on the properties of a superaustenitic stainless steel 51
Application of Assaf panel for evaluating throwing power of pulse reverse electroplating on complex geometries 51
Applicazione degli ultrasuoni durante l’elettrodeposizione di rivestimenti nano compositi a matrice nichel come alternativa ai tensioattivi anionici 49
6th European pulse plating seminar 49
Application of ultrasound to the electrodeposition of nickel matrix nanocomposite coatings 48
Confronto fra invecchiamento naturale ed accelerato: uso di dati meteorologici 47
Composite coatings for enhancement of surface properties 47
Polypyrrole coatings on rheocast aluminum-silicon alloy: A correlation between properties and electrodeposition conditions 47
Control of silver throwing power by pulse reverse electroplating 47
Metal-matrix nanocomposite coating produced by electrodeposition 46
Electrochemical performance of polypyrrole coatings electrodeposited on rheocast aluminum-silicon components 46
L’uso degli ultrasuoni nel processo di elettrodeposizione di nano compositi a matrice nichel 46
Rivestimenti nanocompositi antiusura e anticorrosione a matrice bronzo 46
Electrochemical behavior of conventional and rheo-high-pressure die cast low silicon aluminum alloys in NaCl solutions 45
The effect of both different additives and pulse current on the codeposition of SiC nano-particles in nickel matrix deposits 43
Wear behavior of Ni-based composite coatings with dual nano-sic: Graphite powder mix 43
Low power ultrasound tratment during electrodeposition of nanoSiC nickel composites 42
A study of formation and growth of the anodised surface layer on cast Al-Si alloys based on different analytical techniques 42
The use of ultrasounds during electrodeposition of Ni/Al2O3 nano-composite coatings from additive–free bath 41
Confronto fra invecchiamento accelerato e naturale di rivestimenti organici protettivi: uso di dati meteorologici 40
Study of the effect of pulse plating parameters on the electrodeposition of NiP and NiP/SiC coatings and their microhardness values 40
Corrosion resistance of Ni/SiC and Ni/Al2O3 nanocomposites electrodeposited under ultrasonic vibrations 39
Elettrodeposizione di film protettivi da liquidi ionici 37
Hardness and corrosion behaviour of anodised Al-Si produced by rheocasting 37
Optimizing heat treatment for electroplated nip and NiP/SiC coatings 37
A journey into mCBEEs training, the European training network on corrosion problems at micro- and nanoscale 37
Comparison of micro- and nano- nickel matrix composite coatings obtained by electrodeposition under direct and pulse current condition 36
Evaluation of the pitting corrosion resistance of copper matrix electrodeposits containing micro/nano particles of SiC using E.I.S 36
The effects of additives, particles load and current density on codeposition of SiC particles in NiP nanocomposite coatings 36
Influence of sintering atmosphere and temperature on the properties of a superaustenitic stainless steel 35
The effect of Tl2SO4 on the microstructure and protective properties of Ni-nanoSiC composite deposits produced under both direct and pulse current conditions 32
Electrocodeposition of nano-SiC particles by pulse-reverse under an adapted waveform 32
Electrodeposition of photocatalytic sn-ni matrix composite coatings embedded with doped TiO2 particles 32
Effect of the synthesis parameters of in situ grown Mg-Al LDHs on the filiform corrosion susceptibility of painted AA5005 32
Effect of SiC particle size and heat-treatment on microhardness and corrosion resistance of NiP electrodeposited coatings 32
Effect of ultrasound vibration during electrodeposition of Ni-SiC composite coatings 31
Ultra-fine grained degradable magnesium for biomedical applications 30
Stress corrosion cracking at room temperature of austenitic stain-less steels in marine areas: the case of fixed guards for climbing 29
European training school for young scientists and EAST Forum 2017 28
A study of anodising behaviour of al-si components produced by rheocasting 28
Ce-based conversion coatings on Rheo-HPDC low Si content aluminium alloy 25
Effect of electrodeposition parameters on chemical and morphological characteristics of copper-tin alloy from a methanesulfonic acid bath 23
Electrodeposition of NiSn-rGO composite coatings from deep eutectic solvents and their physicochemical characterization 23
Studying the Microstructural Effect of Selective Laser Melting and Electropolishing on the Performance of Maraging Steel 23
Finite element modeling of silver electrodeposition for evaluation of thickness distribution on complex geometries 21
Influence of anodic pulses and periodic current reversion on electrodeposits 20
A study of the localized ceria coating deposition on fe-rich intermetallics in an AlSiFe cast alloy 18
Effect of high-pressure torsion on microstructure, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of cast pure Mg 17
Nanocomposite coatings produced by electrodeposition from additive-free bath: the potential of the ultrasonic vibrations 16
Influence of the Sr modification and post-treatment on corrosion resistance of oxide layer of cast Al-(low)Si alloys 14
The effect of co-deposition of sic sub-micron particles and heat treatment on wear behaviour of ni–p coatings 14
The role of microstructure and cathodic intermetallics in localised deposition mechanism of conversion compounds on Al (Si, Fe, Cu) alloy 14
A localized study on the influence of surface preparation on the reactivity of cast Al-7Si-1Fe and Al-7Si-2Cu-1Fe alloys and their effect on cerium conversion coating deposition 13
Wear resistance and self-lubrication of electrodeposited Ni-SiC:MoS2 mixed particles composite coatings 13
Effects of SiC particles codeposition and ultrasound agitation on the electrocrystallisation of nickel-based composite coatings 11
Influence of Fe-rich intermetallics and their segregation on anodising properties of Al-Si-Mg rheocast alloys 11
Electrocodeposition of Ni composites and surface treatment of SiC nano-particles 10
Role of Anodic Time in Pulse-Reverse Electrocodeposition of Nano-SiC Particles 9
Electrodeposition of Ni high P composite coatings containing nano and submicro ceramic particles 8
Electrodeposited Sn-Cu-Ni alloys as lead-free solders on copper substrate using deep eutectic solvents: The influence of electrodeposition mode on the morphology, composition and corrosion behaviour 1
Electrodeposition of High Entropy Alloy of Ni-Co-Cu-Mo-W from an Aqueous Bath 1
Totale 5.055
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2019/2020911 52 26 62 83 109 64 127 84 135 75 36 58
2020/20211.053 18 89 13 85 67 47 206 149 95 89 97 98
2021/2022872 17 114 4 26 11 39 19 219 95 95 38 195
2022/20231.215 187 130 33 152 167 179 6 94 151 18 80 18
2023/2024323 35 40 32 24 52 95 14 28 3 0 0 0
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