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Nome #
Optimal redesign of cellular flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing systems 94
Multi-objective assembly line balancing considering component picking and ergonomic risk 93
MTO/MTS policy optimization for sheet metal plate parts in an ATO environment 86
Motion Analysis System for the digitalization and assessment of manual manufacturing and assembly processes 80
Optimal operations management of hybrid energy systems through short-term atmospheric and demand forecasts 71
Analysis of mobility patterns in selected university campus areas 69
New RFID pick-To-light system: Operating characteristics and future potential 68
Class-based storage warehouse design with diagonal cross-aisle 63
Design of diagonal cross-aisle warehouses with class-based storage assignment strategy 63
Assembly system design in the Industry 4.0 era: a general framework 63
Design of fresh food supply chain: an integrated model and case study 61
A model to enhance the penetration of the renewables to power multistage food supply chains 61
Enhancing stock efficiency and environmental sustainability goals in direct distribution logistic networks 60
The influence of the picking times of the components in time and space assembly line balancing problems: An approach with evolutionary algorithms 57
Beyond the Harris’ model to optimally define lot sizes in a Make-to-Stock multi-line production system 57
Design of an Innovative Plant for the Wastewater Recovery and Purification in the Food & Beverage Industry 57
Real-time assistance to manual assembly through depth camera and visual feedback 57
Assembly system configuration through Industry 4.0 principles: the expected change in the actual paradigms 55
Economic and environmental bi-objective design of an off-grid photovoltaic-battery-diesel generator hybrid energy system 55
Technical and economic modelling and evaluation of a water distribution system equipped with an autoclave for industrial production applications 54
Design, prototyping, and assessment of a wastewater closed-loop recovery and purification system 54
Internet-of-things Paradigm in Food Supply Chains Control and Management 54
Multi-objective design of multi-modal fresh food distribution networks 53
Automatic assessment of the ergonomic risk for manual manufacturing and assembly activities through optical motion capture technology 53
Design and management of renewable smart energy systems: an optimization model and italian case study 53
The storage of perishable products: A decision-support tool to manage temperature-sensitive products warehouses 52
Human Factor Analyser for work measurement of manual manufacturing and assembly processes 52
Reconfigurability in cellular manufacturing systems: a design model and multi-scenario analysis 51
Multi-objective warehouse building design to optimize the cycle time, total cost, and carbon footprint 50
Packaging strategy definition for sales kits within an assembly system 50
Learning manual assembly through real-time motion capture for operator training with augmented reality 50
Unit-load storage assignment strategy for warehouses in seismic areas 49
Time and energy optimal unit-load assignment for automatic S/R warehouses 49
Including Material Exposure and Part Attributes in the Manual Assembly Line Balancing Problem 49
Assembly systems in Industry 4.0 era: a road map to understand Assembly 4.0 49
Assembly line balancing for personalized production 49
Motion Analysis System (MAS) for production and ergonomics assessment in the manufacturing processes 48
Macro and micro-logistic aspects in defining the parts-feeding policy in mixed-model assembly systems 46
Fresh food sustainable distribution: Cost, delivery time and carbon footprint three-objective optimization 46
Performance and viability analysis of small wind turbines in the European Union 44
Developing a Sustainable Mobility Action Plan for University Campuses 42
Design, engineering and testing of an innovative adaptive automation assembly system 42
Toward a real-time reconfiguration of self-adaptive smart assembly systems 40
Multi‐manned assembly line balancing: Workforce synchronization for big data sets through simulated annealing 40
Refrigeration system optimization for drinking water production through atmospheric air dehumidification 39
Stochastic timed Petri nets to dynamically design and simulate industrial production processes 39
Multi-manned assembly line synchronization with compatible mounting positions, equipment sharing and workers cooperation 38
Design and management of digital manufacturing and assembly systems in the Industry 4.0 era 36
The Sustainable Parcel Delivery (SPD) Problem: Economic and Environmental Considerations for 3PLs 36
Economic optimization of the design and operation of polygeneration energy systems by genetic algorithms 36
Towards optimum energy utilization by using the inverters for industrial production 35
Assembly kits with variable part physical attributes: warehouse layout design and assignment procedure 35
Preventing COVID-19 contagion in industrial environments through anonymous contact tracing 35
"Station-Sequence" parts feeding in mixed models assembly: Impact of variations and industry 4.0 possible solutions 34
Intelligent management of hybrid energy systems for techno-economic performances maximisation 33
Artificial intelligence for hospital health care: Application cases and answers to challenges in european hospitals 33
Bi-objective optimization of environmental impact and cost in multi-modal distribution networks 32
Data-driven prognostics: From an offline and supervised analysis to an innovative, online and unsupervised methodology 32
Air flow optimization for drinking water production through air dehumidification 30
Industry 4.0 at the service of public health against the COVID-19 pandemic 30
Digital twin of covid‐19 mass vaccination centers 30
Absenteeism and turnover as motivation factors for segmenting assembly lines 30
Adaptive automation assembly systems in the industry 4.0 era: A reference framework and full–scale prototype 30
Assembly line balancing with equipment requirement and parallel workers: an heuristic algorithm 29
Multi-objective optimizer for multimodal distribution networks: Operating cost, carbon footprint and delivery time 28
Indoor positioning systems to digitalize manual production processes 28
Gas compression refrigerator optimization for drinking water production through atmospheric air dehumidification 27
A review of technologies and applications for water purification in the food & beverage industry 27
Bi-objective warehouse design: travel time versus energy consumption optimization 26
Optimization of a gas compression refrigerator for drinking water production through air dehumidification 26
Technical and economic design of an off-grid photovoltaic-battery-diesel generator system 26
Macro and micro logistics aspects in defining the parts feeding policy in a mixed-model assembly system 26
Motion analysis system for the ergonomic assessment of manufacturing and assembly manual activities 25
A new approach for performance assessment of parallel and non-bottleneck machines in a dynamic job shop environment 23
Techno-economic modelling, analysis and simulation of a water distribution system integrated with pump and autoclave components 22
New pick-to-light system configuration: a feasibility study 22
A timed Petri net based approach for the design of industrial processes 22
Digital twin-enabled smart industrial systems: recent developments and future perspectives 19
Time and energy based assignment strategy for unit-load AS/RS warehouses 18
Industrial processes design and simulation using timed Petri nets 18
Life Cycle Modelling for Sustainable Food Supply Chain 18
Material handling improvement in warehouses for the assembly line parts feeding in case of kitting and in case of different parts categories 17
Techno-economic and environmental multi-objective design of photovoltaic systems with battery energy storage 17
Food distribution optimization considering the produce perishability 16
Conceptual framework for a stochastic (r,Q) inventory policy with storage-related environmental metrics 15
Development and field-test of a two axes Fresnel solar concentrator for Combined Heat and Power generation 14
Energy and cost optimization in multi-modal fresh food distribution network 14
Predictive maintenance: a novel framework for a data-driven, semi-supervised, and partially online prognostic health management application in industries 14
Packaging strategy optimization in case of products sold as a single item or sold as a kit 12
Walking workers systems: A sequence analysis for flexible mixed model lines 12
Digitization of assembly line for complex products - The digital nursery of workpiece digital twins 12
Technical and economic evaluation of small wind turbines for the main EU countries 11
Feasibility analysis of photovoltaic systems in the main EU countries 11
Warehouse Design For Assembly Line Parts Feeding In Case Of Kitting And Different Parts Attributes 8
Real Time Locating System for a Learning Cross-Docking Warehouse 8
Indoor positioning systems to prevent the COVID19 transmission in manufacturing environments 6
Streaming-based feature extraction and clustering for condition detection in dynamic environments: an industrial case 5
Real Time Locating Systems for Human Centered Production Planning and Monitoring 4
Social-economic sustainable Vehicle Routing Problem for local e-commerce platforms 3
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