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Nome #
The Role of the Left and Right Anterior Temporal Poles in People Naming and Recognition 140
Survey on current cognitive practices within the European Low-Grade Glioma Network: towards a European assessment protocol 105
The time course of idiom processing. 97
Literal, fictive and metaphorical motion sentences preserve the motion component of the verb. A TMS study. 73
TMS-EEG approach unveils brain mechanisms underlying conscious and unconscious face perception 70
A systematic review of noninvasive brain stimulation for post-stroke depression 67
Reversed concreteness effect for nouns in a subject with semantic dementia. 65
Neuropsychological impairments of verbal short-term memory 65
Object-action dissociation: A voxel-based lesion-symptom mapping study on 102 patients after glioma removal 65
Cognitive enhancement induced by anodal tDCS drives circuit-specific cortical plasticity 64
Auditory deprivation affects biases of visuospatial attention as measured by line bisection 63
Idiom comprehension in Alzheimer's disease: the role of the central executive 63
A reverse concreteness effect in a subject with semantic dementia 62
Assessment of free and cued recall in Alzheimer's disease and vascular and frontotemporal dementia with 24-item Grober and Buschke test 62
The selective impairment of phonological processing in speech production 61
Tactile temporal processing in the auditory cortex 60
The Neural Correlates of Abstract and Concrete Words: Evidence from Brain-Damaged Patients 59
Facial emotion recognition in schizophrenia: An exploratory study on the role of comorbid alcohol and substance use disorders and COMT Val158Met 59
Long-term proper name anomia after removal of the uncinate fasciculus 59
Investigating the functional neuroanatomy of concrete and abstract word processing through direct electric stimulation (DES) during awake surgery 59
Deaf Individuals Show a Leftward Bias in Numerical Bisection 58
Cognitive Enhancement Induced by Anodal tDCS Drives Circuit-Specific Cortical Plasticity 58
Neural correlates of idiom comprehension 58
Timing of emotion representation in right and left occipital region: Evidence from combined TMS-EEG 57
Metaphor comprehension in schizophrenicpatients 57
La comprensione non letterale del linguaggio: taratura su soggetti normali 56
Executive control in schizophrenia: a preliminary study on the moderating role of COMT Val158Met for comorbid alcohol and substance use disorders 56
Tactile short-term memory in sensory-deprived individuals 56
Top-down interference and cortical responsiveness in face processing: A TMS-EEG study 56
Are transcranial brain stimulation effects long-lasting in post-stroke aphasia? A comparative systematic review and meta-analysis on naming performance. 56
Naming people ignoring semantics in a patient with left frontal damage 55
Parkinson's disease patient's behaviour in a covered maze learning task 55
Ambiguous idiom processing in Parkinson's disease patients 55
The lexical processing of abstract and concrete nouns 55
Recognition disorders for famous faces and voices: a review of the literature and normative data of a new test battery 54
What is the role of the uncinate fasciculus? Surgical removal and proper name retrieval 54
Patterns of lateralization and performance levels for verbal and spatial tasks in congenital androgen deficiency 54
Deaf, blind or deaf‑blind: Is touch enhanced? 54
She runs, the road runs, my mind runs, bad blood runs between us: Literal and figurative motion verbs: An fMRI study 53
Slowly progressive aphasia: a four-year follow-up study 53
The role of syntactic competence in idiom comprehension: A study on aphasic patients 53
Assessing Chronic Stress, Coping Skills, and Mood Disorders through Speech Analysis: A Self-Assessment 'Voice App' for Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones 53
Phonological short-term memory and foreign-language vocabulary learning 53
Item consistency in retrieving person-specific semantic information from faces and voices: An exploratory study in healthy subjects 53
La riabilitazione neuropsicologica 53
The Comprehension of Idiomatic Expressions in Schizophrenic Patients 52
Proper name anomia: a case with sparing of the first letter knowledge 52
The comprehension of ambiguous idioms in aphasic patients 51
Writing in primary progressive anarthria 51
Who is who: areas of the brain associated with recognizing and naming famous faces. 51
Spatial biases in deaf, blind, and deafblind individuals as revealed by a haptic line bisection task 51
Is the right hemisphere involved in idiom comprehension? A neuropsychological study 50
Transcranial magnetic stimulation of medial prefrontal cortex modulates implicit attitudes towards food 50
Comprehension of metaphors and idioms in patients with Alzheimer\'s disease. A longitudinal study 50
Motor and language DTI fiber tracking combined with intraoperative subcortical mapping for surgical removal of gliomas 50
Consequences of brain tumour resection on emotion recognition 50
Naming and the Role of the Uncinate Fasciculus in Language Function 50
Processing of syntactically complex sentences relies on verbal short-term memory: Evidence from a short-term memory patient 50
A neuroanatomical account of mental time travelling in schizophrenia: A meta-analysis of functional and structural neuroimaging data. 50
Connectivity constraints on cortical reorganization of neural circuits involved in object naming 50
Cerebral correlates of visuospatial neglect: A direct cerebral stimulation study 50
Psicologia generale e neuroscienze cognitive. Manuale per le professioni medico-sanitarie 49
The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in idiom interpretation: an rTMS study 49
Making Sense of an Unexpected Detrimental Effect of Sign Language Use in a Visual Task 49
A case of peripheral dysgraphia 49
Decision-making abilities in patients with frontal low-grade glioma 49
Intraoperative mapping for tumor resection 49
Is syntactic complexity processing limited by the phonological loop capacity? Evidence from an STM patient 49
Upper and lower face apraxia: role of the right hemisphere 49
Intraoperative language localization in multilingual patients with gliomas 49
Looking for an explanation for the low sign span. Is order involved? 49
Intraoperative mapping and monitoring of brain functions for the resection of low-grade gliomas: technical considerations 48
Is preoperative functional magnetic resonance imaging reliable for language areas mapping in brain tumor surgery? Review of language functional magnetic resonance imaging and direct cortical stimulation correlation studies 48
Mapping the brain network of the phonological loop 48
Cognitive and behavioral disorders in Parkinson's disease: an update. I: cognitive impairments. 48
Left but not right temporal involvement in opaque idiom comprehension: A repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation study 47
When long-term learning depends on short-term storage 47
Specific disgust processing in the left insula: New evidence from direct electrical stimulation 47
The role of the prefrontal cortex in controlling gender-stereotypical associations: a TMS investigation 46
Studying cognitive functions by means of direct electrical stimulation: a review 46
Modulation of visual cortical excitability by working memory: effect of luminance contrast of mental imagery 46
Progressive impairment of constructional abilities: a visuospatial sketchpad deficit? 45
The role of ambiguity in idiom comprehension: The case of a patient with a reversed concreteness effect 45
The Phonological loop as a language learning device 44
Phonological facilitation in picture naming: When and where? A tDCS study 44
Differentiating PNES from epileptic seizures using conversational analysis 44
Memory and executive functions in aneurysms of the anterior communicating artery 44
Transcranial magnetic stimulation of medial prefrontal cortex modulates face expressions processing in a priming task 43
Idiomatic language comprehension: neuropsychological evidence 43
Is STM involved in sentence comprehension? 42
Idiom Comprehension: A Prefrontal Task? 41
Transcranial direct current stimulation over Broca's region improves phonemic and semantic fluency in healthy individuals 41
Phonological recoding, visual short-term store and the effect of unattended speech: Evidence from a case of slowly progressive anarthria 41
Defective recognition and naming of famous people from voice in patients with unilateral temporal lobe tumours 41
Differences in emotion recognition from body and face cues between deaf and hearing individuals 40
TMS-EEG approach unveils brain mechanisms underlying conscious and unconscious face perception 40
Impairments of auditory-verbal short-term memory: Do selective deficits of the input phonological buffer exist? 38
Cognitive and behavioral disorders in Parkinson’s disease: an update. II: behavioral disorders 38
The role of the human extrastriate visual cortex in mirror symmetry discrimination: a TMS-adaptation study 37
Totale 5362
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