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A novel task assessing intention and emotion attribution: Italian standardization and normative data of the Story-based Empathy Task 51
A biomarker study in long-lasting amnestic mild cognitive impairment 50
Emotion recognition from facial expressions: A normative study of the Ekman 60-Faces Test in the Italian population 45
Emotional empathy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a behavioural and voxel-based morphometry study 44
Perceived social isolation is associated with altered functional connectivity in neural networks associated with tonic alertness and executive control 43
Affective mentalizing and brain activity at rest in the behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia 43
Different FDG-PET metabolic patterns at single-subject level in the behavioral variant of fronto-temporal dementia 42
Improving innovative decision-making: Training-induced changes in fronto-parietal networks 42
Brain changes within the visuo-spatial attentional network in posterior cortical atrophy 41
Diffusion tensor imaging evidence of corticospinal pathway involvement in frontotemporal lobar degeneration 41
The clinico-metabolic correlates of language impairment in corticobasal syndrome and progressive supranuclear palsy 41
Neural correlates of empathic impairment in the behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia 40
Social and cognitive control skills in long-life occupation activities modulate the brain reserve in the behavioural variant of frontotemporal dementia 40
Microstructural white matter correlates of emotion recognition impairment in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 39
Neural markers of loss aversion in resting-state brain activity 39
Differential Impairment of Cognitive and Affective Mentalizing Abilities in Neurodegenerative Dementias: Evidence from Behavioral Variant of Frontotemporal Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, and Mild Cognitive Impairment 39
Motor neuron dysfunctions in the frontotemporal lobar degeneration spectrum: A clinical and neurophysiological study 38
Qualitative scoring of the pentagon test: A tool for the identification of subtle cognitive deficits in isolated rem sleep behavior disorder patients 38
Randomized controlled trial on the efficacy of a multilevel non-pharmacologic intervention in older adults with subjective memory decline: design and baseline findings of the E.Mu.N.I. study 38
The role of single-subject brain metabolic patterns in the early differential diagnosis of primary progressive aphasias and in prediction of progression to dementia 37
Social cognition dysfunctions in patients with epilepsy: Evidence from patients with temporal lobe and idiopathic generalized epilepsies 37
Individual Brain Metabolic Signatures in Corticobasal Syndrome 37
Multimodal MRI quantification of the common neurostructural bases within the FTD-ALS continuum 36
Moral Cognition and Multiple Sclerosis: A Neuropsychological Study 36
The A/T/N model applied through imaging biomarkers in a memory clinic 36
Incremental value of amyloid-PET versus CSF in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease 36
Microstructural correlates of emotional attribution impairment in non-demented patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 36
Neuropsychological and FDG-PET profiles in VGKC autoimmune limbic encephalitis 36
Short-term Sahaja Yoga meditation training modulates brain structure and spontaneous activity in the executive control network 34
Combined socio-behavioral evaluation improves the differential diagnosis between the behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer's disease: In search of neuropsychological markers 33
Right limbic FDG-PET hypometabolism correlates with emotion recognition and attribution in probable behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia patients 29
Brain Health Services: organization, structure, and challenges for implementation. A user manual for Brain Health Services—part 1 of 6 24
Evaluation of Discriminative Detection Abilities of Social Cognition Measures for the Diagnosis of the Behavioral Variant of Frontotemporal Dementia: a Systematic Review 21
Unraveling Moral Reasoning in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: How Emotional Detachment Modifies Moral Judgment 20
Covid-19 Outbreak In Italy: Are We Ready for the Psychosocial and the Economic Crisis? Baseline Findings From the PsyCovid Study 20
The Role of Social Cognition Abilities in Parkinson's Disease in the Era of COVID-19 Emergency 20
Lockdown effects on Parkinson’s disease during COVID-19 pandemic: a pilot study 20
Multidomain interventions: state-of-the-art and future directions for protocols to implement precision dementia risk reduction. A user manual for Brain Health Services—part 4 of 6 20
Job loss and health threatening events modulate risk-taking behaviours in the Covid-19 emergency 18
Modifiable risk factors for dementia and dementia risk profiling. A user manual for Brain Health Services—part 2 of 6 18
Risk-aversion for negative health outcomes may promote individual compliance to containment measures in Covid-19 Pandemic 15
Clinical validity of increased cortical binding of tau ligands of the THK family and PBB3 on PET as biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease in the context of a structured 5-phase development framework 14
Diagnostic Accuracy of Affective Social Tasks in the Clinical Classification between the Behavioral Variant of Frontotemporal Dementia and Other Neurodegenerative Disease 13
Protocols for cognitive enhancement. A user manual for Brain Health Services—part 5 of 6 13
Emotion Recognition Deficits in the Differential Diagnosis of Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Cognitive Marker for the Limbic-Predominant Phenotype 12
Harmonizing neuropsychological assessment for mild neurocognitive disorders in Europe 12
Clinical validity of increased cortical uptake of [18F]flortaucipir on PET as a biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease in the context of a structured 5-phase biomarker development framework 12
Clinical validity of second-generation tau PET tracers as biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease in the context of a structured 5-phase development framework 12
2020 update on the clinical validity of cerebrospinal fluid amyloid, tau, and phospho-tau as biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease in the context of a structured 5-phase development framework 11
Deficits in Emotion Recognition and Theory of Mind in Parkinson's Disease Patients With and Without Cognitive Impairments 11
Diagnostic value of amyloid-PET and tau-PET: a head-to-head comparison 10
Correction to: The Strategic Biomarker Roadmap for the validation of Alzheimer’s diagnostic biomarkers: methodological update (European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, (2021), 48, 7, (2070-2085), 10.1007/s00259-020-05120-2) 9
The strategic biomarker roadmap for the validation of Alzheimer’s diagnostic biomarkers: methodological update 9
The validation status of blood biomarkers of amyloid and phospho-tau assessed with the 5-phase development framework for AD biomarkers 8
Identifying Frail Populations for Disease Risk Prediction and Intervention Planning in the Covid-19 Era: A Focus on Social Isolation and Vulnerability 8
Answer to “Social cognition assessment for mild neurocognitive disorders” 1
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