Measurement of the transverse momentum distribution of Drell–Yan lepton pairs in proton–proton collisions at √s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector / Aad, ; and Abbott, G.; and Abbott, B.; and Abud, D. C.; and Abeling, A. A.; and Abhayasinghe, K.; and Abidi, D. K.; and AbouZeid, S. H.; and Abraham, O. S.; and Abramowicz, N. L.; and Abreu, H.; and Abulaiti, H.; and Acharya, Y.; and Achkar, B. S.; and Adachi, B.; and Adam, S.; and Bourdarios, L.; and Adamczyk, C. A.; and Adamek, L.; and Adelman, L.; and Adersberger, J.; and Adiguzel, M.; and Adorni, A.; and Adye, S.; and Affolder, T.; and Afik, A. A.; and Agapopoulou, Y.; and Agaras, C.; and Aggarwal, M. N.; and Agheorghiesei, A.; and Aguilar-Saavedra, C.; and Ahmadov, J. A.; and Ahmed, F.; and Ai, W. S.; and Aielli, X.; and Akatsuka, G.; and Åkesson, S.; and Akilli, T. P. A.; and Akimov, E.; and Khoury, A. V.; and Alberghi, K. A.; and Albert, G. L.; and Verzini, J.; and Alderweireldt, M. J. 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J.; and Grummer, C.; and Guan, A.; and Guan, L.; and Gubbels, W.; and Guenther, C.; and Guerguichon, J.; and Rojas, A.; and Guescini, J. G. R. G.; and Guest, F.; and Gugel, D.; and Guillemin, R.; and Guindon, T.; and Gul, S.; and Guo, U.; and Guo, J.; and Guo, W.; and Guo, Y.; and Gupta, Z.; and Gurbuz, R.; and Gustavino, S.; and Guth, G.; and Gutierrez, M.; and Gutschow, P.; and Guyot, C.; and Gwenlan, C.; and Gwilliam, C.; and Haas, C. B.; and Haber, A.; and Hadavand, C.; and Hadef, H. K.; and Hageböck, A.; and Haleem, S.; and Haley, M.; and Halladjian, J.; and Hallewell, G.; and Hamacher, G. D.; and Hamal, K.; and Hamano, P.; and Hamdaoui, K.; and Hamer, H.; and Hamity, M.; and Han, G. N.; and Han, K.; and Han, L.; and Han, S.; and Hanagaki, Y. F.; and Hance, K.; and Handl, M.; and Haney, D. M.; and Hankache, B.; and Hansen, R.; and Hansen, E.; and Hansen, J. B.; and Hansen, J. D.; and Hansen, M. C.; and Hanson, P. H.; and Hara, E. 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C.; and Hessey, G. G.; and Higashida, N. P.; and Higashino, A.; and Higón-Rodriguez, S.; and Hildebrand, E.; and Hill, K.; and Hill, J. C.; and Hiller, K. K.; and Hillier, K. H.; and Hils, S. J.; and Hinchliffe, M.; and Hinterkeuser, I.; and Hirose, F.; and Hirose, M.; and Hirschbuehl, S.; and Hiti, D.; and Hladik, B.; and Hlaluku, O.; and Hoad, D. R.; and Hobbs, X.; and Hod, J.; and Hodgkinson, N.; and Hoecker, M. C.; and Hohn, A.; and Hohov, D.; and Holm, D.; and Holmes, T.; and Holzbock, T. R.; and Hommels, M.; and Honda, L. B. A. H.; and Hong, S.; and Honig, T. M.; and Hönle, J. C.; and Hooberman, A.; and Hopkins, B. H.; and Horii, W. H.; and Horn, Y.; and Horyn, P.; and Hou, L. A.; and Hoummada, S.; and Howarth, A.; and Hoya, J.; and Hrabovsky, J.; and Hrdinka, M.; and Hristova, J.; and Hrivnac, I.; and Hrynevich, J.; and Hryn’ova, A.; and Hsu, T.; and Hsu, P. J.; and Hu, S. -C.; and Hu, Q.; and Hu, S.; and Huang, Y. F.; and Huang, D. P.; and Huang, Y.; and Hubacek, Y.; and Hubaut, Z.; and Huebner, F.; and Huegging, M.; and Huffman, F.; and Huhtinen, T. B.; and Hunter, M.; and Huo, R. F. H.; and Huseynov, P.; and Huston, N.; and Huth, J.; and Hyneman, J.; and Hyrych, R.; and Iacobucci, S.; and Iakovidis, G.; and Ibragimov, G.; and Iconomidou-Fayard, I.; and Iengo, L.; and Ignazzi, P.; and Igonkina, R.; and Iguchi, O.; and Iizawa, R.; and Ikegami, T.; and Ikeno, Y.; and Iliadis, M.; and Ilic, D.; and Iltzsche, N.; and Introzzi, F.; and Iodice, G.; and Iordanidou, M.; and Ippolito, K.; and Isacson, V.; and Ishino, M. F.; and Islam, M.; and Issever, W.; and Istin, C.; and Ito, S.; and Ponce, F.; And, J. M. I.; Iuppa, R; and Ivina, .; and Iwasaki, A.; and Izen, H.; and Izzo, J. M.; and Jacka, V.; and Jackson, P.; and Jacobs, P.; and Jaeger, R. M.; and Jain, B. P.; and Jäkel, V.; and Jakobi, G.; and Jakobs, K. B.; and Jakoubek, K.; and Jamieson, T.; and Janas, J.; and Jansky, K. W.; and Janssen, R.; and Janus, J.; and Janus, M.; and Jarlskog, P. A.; and Javadov, G.; and Javůrek, N.; and Javurkova, T.; and Jeanneau, M.; and Jeanty, F.; and Jejelava, L.; and Jelinskas, J.; and Jenni, A.; and Jeong, P.; and Jeong, J.; and Jézéquel, N.; and Ji, S.; and Jia, H.; and Jiang, J.; and Jiang, H.; and Jiang, Y.; and Jiggins, Z.; and Morales, S.; and Pena, F. A. J.; and Jin, J. J.; and Jinaru, S.; and Jinnouchi, A.; and Jivan, O.; and Johansson, H.; and Johns, P.; and Johnson, K. A.; and Jon-And, C. A.; and Jones, K.; and Jones, R. W. L.; and Jones, S. D.; and Jones, S.; and Jongmanns, T. J.; and Jorge, J.; and Jovicevic, P. M.; and Ju, J.; and Junggeburth, X.; and Rozas, J. J.; and Kaczmarska, A. J.; and Kado, A.; and Kagan, M.; and Kagan, H.; and Kahn, M.; and Kahra, A.; and Kaji, C.; and Kajomovitz, T.; and Kalderon, E.; and Kaluza, C. W.; and Kamenshchikov, A.; and Kaneda, A.; and Kang, M.; and Kanjir, N. J.; and Kano, L.; and Kantserov, Y.; and Kanzaki, V. A.; and Kaplan, J.; and Kar, L. S.; and Karava, D.; and Kareem, K.; and Karpov, M. J.; and Karpova, S. N.; and Kartvelishvili, Z. M.; and Karyukhin, V.; and Kashif, A. N.; and Kass, L.; and Kastanas, R. D.; and Kato, A.; and Katzy, C.; and Kawade, J.; and Kawagoe, K.; and Kawaguchi, K.; and Kawamoto, T.; and Kawamura, T.; and Kay, G.; and Kazanin, E. F.; and Keeler, V. F.; and Kehoe, R.; and Keller, R.; and Kellermann, J. S.; and Kelsey, E.; and Kempster, D.; and Kendrick, J. J.; and Kennedy, J.; and Kepka, K. E.; and Kersten, O.; and Kerševan, S.; and Haghighat, B. P.; and Khader, S. K.; and Khalil-Zada, M.; and Khandoga, F.; and Khanov, M.; and Kharlamov, A.; and Kharlamova, A. G.; and Khoda, T.; and Khodinov, E. E.; and Khoo, A.; and Khramov, T. J.; and Khubua, E.; and Kido, J.; and Kiehn, S.; and Kilby, M.; and Kim, C. R.; and Kimura, Y. K.; and Kind, N.; and King, O. M.; and Kirchmeier, B. T.; and Kirk, D.; and Kiryunin, J.; and Kishimoto, A. E.; and Kisliuk, T.; and Kitali, D. P.; and Kivernyk, V.; and Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, O.; and Klassen, T.; and Klein, M.; and Klein, M. H.; and Klein, M.; and Kleinknecht, U.; and Klimek, K.; and Klimentov, P.; and Klingl, A.; and Klioutchnikova, T.; and Klitzner, T.; and Kluit, F. F.; and Kluth, P.; and Kneringer, S.; and Knoops, E.; and Knue, E. B. F. G.; and Kobayashi, A.; and Kobayashi, D.; and Kobel, T.; and Kocian, M.; and Kodys, M.; and Koenig, P.; and Koffas, P. T.; and Köhler, T.; and Koi, N. M.; and Kolb, T.; and Koletsou, M.; and Komarek, I.; and Kondo, T.; and Köneke, T.; and Kong, K.; and König, A. X. Y.; and Kono, A. C.; and Konoplich, T.; and Konstantinides, R.; and Konstantinidis, V.; and Konya, N.; and Kopeliansky, B.; and Koperny, R.; and Korcyl, S.; and Kordas, K.; and Koren, K.; and Korn, G.; and Korolkov, A.; and Korolkova, I.; and Korotkova, E. V.; and Kortner, N.; and Kortner, O.; and Kosek, S.; and Kostyukhin, T.; and Kotsokechagia, V. V.; and Kotwal, A.; and Koulouris, A.; and Kourkoumeli-Charalampidi, A.; and Kourkoumelis, A.; and Kourlitis, C.; and Kouskoura, E.; and Kowalewska, V.; and Kowalewski, A. B.; and Kozakai, R.; and Kozanecki, C.; and Kozhin, W.; and Kramarenko, A. S.; and Kramberger, V. A.; and Krasnopevtsev, G.; and Krasny, D.; and Krasznahorkay, M. W.; and Krauss, A.; and Kremer, D.; and Kretzschmar, J. A.; and Krieger, J.; and Krieter, P.; and Krishnan, F.; and Krizka, A.; and Kroeninger, K.; and Kroha, K.; and Kroll, H.; and Kroll, J.; and Krowpman, J.; and Krstic, K. S.; and Kruchonak, J.; and Krüger, U.; and Krumnack, H.; and Kruse, N.; and Krzysiak, M. C.; and Kubota, J. A.; and Kuchinskaia, T.; and Kuday, O.; and Kuechler, S.; and Kuehn, J. T.; and Kugel, S.; and Kuhl, A.; and Kukhtin, T.; and Kukla, V.; and Kulchitsky, R.; and Kuleshov, Y.; and Kulinich, S.; and Kuna, Y. P.; and Kunigo, M.; and Kupco, T.; and Kupfer, A.; and Kuprash, T.; and Kurashige, O.; and Kurchaninov, H.; and Kurochkin, L. L.; and Kurova, Y. A.; and Kurth, A.; and Kuwertz, M. G.; and Kuze, E. S.; and Kvam, M.; and Kvita, A. K.; and Kwan, J.; and La Rosa, T.; and La Rotonda, A.; and La Ruffa, L.; and Lacasta, F.; and Lacava, C.; and Lack, F.; and Lacker, D. P. J.; and Lacour, H.; and Ladygin, D.; and Lafaye, E.; and Laforge, R.; and Lagouri, B.; and Lai, T.; and Lakomiec, S.; and Lammers, I. K.; and Lampl, S.; and Lampoudis, W.; and Lançon, C.; and Landgraf, E.; and Landon, U.; and Lanfermann, M. P. J.; and Lang, M. C.; and Lange, V. S.; and Langenberg, J. C.; and Lankford, R. J.; and Lanni, A. J.; and Lantzsch, F.; and Lanza, K.; and Lapertosa, A.; and Laplace, A.; and Laporte, S.; and Lari, J. F.; and Manghi, T.; and Lassnig, F. L.; and Lau, M.; and Laudrain, T. S.; and Laurier, A.; and Lavorgna, A.; and Lawlor, M.; and Lazzaroni, S. D.; and Le, M.; and Guirriec, B.; and LeBlanc, E. L.; and LeCompte, M.; and Ledroit-Guillon, T.; and Lee, F.; and Lee, A. C. A.; and Lee, C. A.; and Lee, G. R.; and Lee, L.; and Lee, S. C.; and Lee, S. J.; and Lefebvre, S.; and Lefebvre, B.; and Lefebvre, H. P.; and Leggett, M.; and Lehmann, C.; and Lehmann, K.; and Miotto, N.; and Leight, G. L.; and Leisos, W. A.; and Leite, A.; and Leitgeb, M. A. L.; and Leitner, C. E.; and Lellouch, R.; and Leney, D.; and Lenz, K. J. C.; and Leone, T.; and Leone, R.; and Leonidopoulos, S.; and Leopold, C.; and Leroy, A.; and Les, C.; and Lester, R.; and Levchenko, C. G.; and Levêque, M.; and Levin, J.; and Levinson, D.; and Lewis, L. J.; and Li, D. J.; and Li, B.; and Li, B.; and Li, C. -Q.; and Li, F.; and Li, H.; and Li, H.; and Li, J.; and Li, K.; and Li, L.; and Li, M.; and Li, Q.; and Li, Q. Y.; and Li, S.; and Li, X.; and Li, Y.; and Liang, Z.; and Liberti, Z.; and Liblong, B.; and Lie, A.; and Lim, K.; and Lin, S.; and Lin, C. Y.; and Lin, K.; and Linck, T. H.; and Lindon, R. A.; and Lionti, J. H.; and Lipeles, A. L.; and Lipniacka, E.; and Liss, A.; and Lister, T. M.; and Little, A.; and Liu, J. D.; and Liu, B.; and Liu, B. L.; and Liu, H. B.; and Liu, H.; and Liu, J. B.; and Liu, J. K. K.; and Liu, K.; and Liu, M.; and Liu, P.; and Liu, Y.; and Liu, Y. L.; and Livan, Y. W.; and Lleres, M.; and Merino, A.; and Lloyd, J. L.; and Lo, S. L.; and Sterzo, C. Y.; and Lobodzinska, F. L.; and Loch, E. M.; and Loffredo, P.; and Lohse, S.; and Lohwasser, T.; and Lokajicek, K.; and Long, M.; and Long, J. D.; and Longo, R. E.; and Looper, L.; and Lopez, K. A.; and Paz, J. A.; and Solis, I. L.; and Lorenz, A. L.; and Martinez, J.; and Lory, N. L.; and Losada, A. M.; and Lösel, M.; and Lösle, P. J.; and Lou, A.; and Lou, X.; and Lounis, X.; and Love, A.; and Love, J.; and Bahilo, P. A.; and Lu, J. J. L.; and Lu, M.; and Lubatti, Y. J.; and Luci, H. J.; and Lucotte, C.; and Luedtke, A.; and Luehring, C.; and Luise, F.; and Luminari, I.; and Lund-Jensen, L.; and Lutz, B.; and Lynn, M. S.; and Lyons, D.; and Lysak, H.; and Lytken, R.; and Lyu, E.; and Lyubushkin, F.; and Lyubushkina, V.; and Ma, T.; and Ma, H.; and Ma, L. L.; and Maccarrone, Y.; and Macchiolo, G.; and Macdonald, A.; and Miguens, C. M.; and Madaffari, J. M.; and Madar, D.; and Mader, R.; and Don, W. F.; and Madysa, M. M. R.; and Maeda, N.; and Maeno, J.; and Maerker, T.; and Maevskiy, M.; and Magerl, A. S.; and Magini, V.; and Mahon, N.; and Maidantchik, D. J.; and Maier, C.; and Maio, T.; and Maj, A.; and Majersky, K.; and Majewski, O.; and Makida, S.; and Makovec, Y.; and Malaescu, N.; and Malecki, B.; and Maleev, P.; and Malek, V. P.; and Mallik, F.; and Malon, U.; and Malone, D.; and Maltezos, C.; and Malyukov, S.; and Mamuzic, S.; and Mancini, J.; and Mandić, G.; and de Andrade Filho, I.; and Maniatis, L. M.; and Ramos, I. M.; and Mankinen, J. M.; and Mann, K. H.; and Manousos, A.; and Mansoulie, A.; and Manthos, B.; and Manzoni, I.; and Marantis, S.; and Marceca, A.; and Marchese, G.; and Marchiori, L.; and Marcisovsky, G.; and Marcoccia, M.; and Marcon, L.; and Tobon, C.; and Marjanovic, C. A. M.; and Marshall, M.; and Martensson, Z.; and Marti-Garcia, M. U. F.; and Martin, S.; and Martin, C. B.; and Martin, T. A.; and Latour, V. J.; and Martinelli, B. M.; and Martinez, L.; and Outschoorn, M.; and Martin-Haugh, V. I. M.; and Martoiu, S.; and Martyniuk, V. S.; and Marzin, A. C.; and Maschek, A.; and Masetti, S. R.; and Mashimo, L.; and Mashinistov, T.; and Masik, R.; and Maslennikov, J.; and Massa, A. L.; and Massarotti, L.; and Mastrandrea, P.; and Mastroberardino, P.; and Masubuchi, A.; and Matakias, T.; and Matic, D.; and Matsuzawa, A.; and Mättig, N.; and Maurer, P.; and Maček, J.; and Maximov, B.; and Mazini, D. A.; and Maznas, R.; and Mazza, I.; and Kee, S. M.; and McCarthy, S. P. M.; and McCormack, T. G.; and McDonald, W. P.; and Mcfayden, E. F.; and Mchedlidze, J. A.; and McKay, G.; and McLean, M. A.; and McMahon, K. D.; and McNamara, S. J.; and McNicol, P. C.; and McPherson, C. J.; and Mdhluli, R. A.; and Meadows, J. E.; and Meehan, Z. A.; and Megy, S.; and Mehlhase, T.; and Mehta, S.; and Meideck, A.; and Meirose, T.; and Melini, B.; and Garcia, D.; and Mellenthin, B. R. M.; and Melo, J. D.; and Meloni, M.; and Melzer, F.; and Menary, A.; and Gouveia, S. B.; and Meng, E. D. M.; and Meng, L.; and Menke, X. T.; and Meoni, S.; and Mergelmeyer, E.; and Merkt, S.; and Merlassino, S. A. M.; and Mermod, C.; and Merola, P.; and Meroni, L.; and Merz, C.; and Meshkov, G.; and Meshreki, O.; and Messina, J. K. R.; and Metcalfe, A.; and Mete, J.; and Meyer, A. S.; and Meyer, C.; and Theenhausen, J. -P.; and Miano, H. M. Z.; and Michetti, F.; and Middleton, M.; and Mijović, R. P.; and Mikenberg, L.; and Mikestikova, G.; and Mikuž, M.; and Mildner, M.; and Milesi, H.; and Milic, M.; and Millar, A.; and Miller, D. A.; and Milov, D. W.; and Milstead, A.; and Mina, D. A.; and Minaenko, R. A.; and Moya, A. A.; and Minashvili, M. M.; and Mincer, I. A.; and Mindur, A. I.; and Mineev, B.; and Minegishi, M.; and Mir, Y.; and Mirto, L. M.; and Mistry, A.; and Mitani, K. P.; and Mitrevski, T.; and Mitsou, J.; and Mittal, V. A.; and Miu, M.; and Miucci, O.; and Miyagawa, A.; and Mizukami, P. S.; and Mjörnmark, A.; and Mkrtchyan, J. U.; and Mlynarikova, T.; and Moa, M.; and Mochizuki, T.; and Mogg, K.; and Mohapatra, P.; and Moles-Valls, S.; and Mondragon, R.; and Mönig, M. C.; and Monk, K.; and Monnier, J.; and Montalbano, E.; and Berlingen, A.; and Montella, J. M.; and Monticelli, M.; and Monzani, F.; and Morange, S.; and Moreno, N.; and Llácer, D.; and Martinez, M. M.; and Morettini, C. M.; and Morgenstern, P.; and Morgenstern, M.; and Mori, S.; and Morii, D.; and Morinaga, M.; and Morisbak, M.; and Morley, V.; and Mornacchi, A. K.; and Morris, G.; and Morvaj, A. P.; and Moschovakos, L.; and Moser, P.; and Mosidze, B.; and Moskalets, M.; and Moss, T.; and Moss, H. J.; and Moyse, J.; and Muanza, E. J. W.; and Mueller, S.; and Mueller, J.; and Muenstermann, R. S. P.; and Mullier, D.; and Mungo, G. A.; and Martinez, D. P.; and Sanchez, J. L. M.; and Murin, F. J. M.; and Murray, P.; and Murrone, W. J.; and Muškinja, A.; and Mwewa, M.; and Myagkov, C.; and Myers, A. G.; and Myers, A. A.; and Myska, J.; and Nachman, M.; and Nackenhorst, B. P.; and Nag, O.; and Nagai, A. N.; and Nagano, K.; and Nagasaka, K.; and Nagle, Y.; and Nagy, J. L.; and Nairz, E.; and Nakahama, A. M.; and Nakamura, Y.; and Nakamura, K.; and Nakano, T.; and Nanjo, I.; and Napolitano, H.; and Garcia, F.; and Narayan, R. F. N.; and Naryshkin, R.; and Naumann, I.; and Navarro, T.; and Nechaeva, G.; and Nechansky, P. Y.; and Neep, F.; and Negri, T. J.; and Negrini, A.; and Nellist, M.; and Nelson, C.; and Nemecek, M. E.; and Nemethy, S.; and Nessi, P.; and Neubauer, M.; and Neumann, M. S.; and Newhouse, M.; and Newman, R.; and Ng, P. R.; and Ng, C. W.; and Ng, Y. S.; and Ngair, Y. W. Y.; and Nguyen, B.; and Manh, H. D. N.; and Nibigira, T. N.; and Nickerson, E.; and Nicolaidou, R. B.; and Nielsen, R.; and Nielsen, D. S.; and Nikiforou, J.; and Nikolaenko, N.; and Nikolic-Audit, V.; and Nikolopoulos, I.; and Nilsson, K.; and Nindhito, P.; and Ninomiya, H. R.; and Nisati, Y.; and Nishu, A.; and Nisius, N.; and Nitsche, R.; and Nitta, I.; and Nobe, T.; and Noguchi, T.; and Nomidis, Y.; and Nomura, I.; and Nordberg, M. A.; and Norjoharuddeen, M.; and Novak, N.; and Novgorodova, T.; and Novotny, O.; and Nozka, R.; and Ntekas, L.; and Nurse, K.; and Oakham, E.; and Oberlack, F. G.; and Ocariz, H.; and Ochi, J.; and Ochoa, A.; and Ochoa-Ricoux, I.; and O’Connor, J. P.; and Oda, K.; and Odaka, S.; and Oerdek, S.; and Ogrodnik, S.; and Oh, A.; and Oh, A.; and Ohm, S. H.; and Oide, C. C.; and Ojeda, H.; and Okawa, M. L.; and Okazaki, H.; and O’Keefe, Y.; and Okumura, M. W.; and Okuyama, Y.; and Olariu, T.; and Seabra, A.; and Pino, L. F. O.; and Damazio, S. A. O.; and Oliver, D. O.; and Olsson, J. L.; and Olszewski, M. J. R.; and Olszowska, A.; and O’Neil, J.; and O’neill, D. C.; and Onofre, A. P.; and Onyisi, A.; and Oppen, P. U. E.; and Oreglia, H.; and Orellana, M. J.; and Orestano, G. E.; and Orlando, D.; and Orr, N.; and O’Shea, R. S.; and Ospanov, V.; and Garzon, R.; and Otono, G. O.; and Ott, H.; and Ouchrif, P. S.; and Ouellette, M.; and Ould-Saada, J.; and Ouraou, F.; and Ouyang, A.; and Owen, Q.; and Owen, M.; and Ozcan, R. E.; and Ozturk, V. E.; and Pacalt, N.; and Pacey, J.; and Pachal, H. A.; and Pages, K.; and Aranda, A. P.; and Griso, C. P.; and Paganini, S. P.; and Palacino, M.; and Palazzo, G.; and Palestini, S.; and Palka, S.; and Pallin, M.; and Panagoulias, D.; and Pandini, I.; and Vazquez, C. E.; and Pani, J. G. 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Measurement of the transverse momentum distribution of Drell–Yan lepton pairs in proton–proton collisions at √s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector

F. M. Follega;