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Warm die compaction of low alloy steel powder mix – Compaction mechanics and densification 1-gen-2021 Cristofolini, IlariaZago, Marco +
Dimensional metrology of additively manufactured lattice structures by combined tactile probe and X‐ray tomography 1-gen-2021 Cristofolini, IlariaZago, MarcoBenedetti, Matteo +
Dimensional and geometrical precision of parts produced by binder jetting process as affected by the anisotropic shrinkage on sintering 1-gen-2021 Zago, MarcoCristofolini, Ilaria +
Filling Density and Green Density of different ring-shaped parts as affected by filling strategy 1-gen-2022 Zago, MarcoCristofolini, Ilaria +
Investigating the effect of compaction parameters on the dimensional changes on sintering 1-gen-2022 Uçak, Onur UtkuZago, MarcoCristofolini,Ilaria +
Filling Density and Geometrical Precision of Ring-Shaped Parts: Effects of the Filling Strategy 1-gen-2022 Zago, MarcoCristofolini, Ilaria +
Analysis of the Flatness Form Error in Binder Jetting Process as Affected by the Inclination Angle 1-gen-2022 Zago, MarcoCristofolini, Ilaria +
Geometrical Issues in Design for Binder Jetting – The Effect of Anisotropic Dimensional Change on Sintering 1-gen-2022 Zago, MarcoCristofolini, Ilaria +
Development of a new model describing the anisotropic dimensional change on sintering 1-gen-2022 Cristofolini, IlariaMolinari, AlbertoZago, MarcoUcak, Onur Utku +
Preliminary Design Method Accounting for Shape Distortion in Metal Binder Jetting Parts: A Case Study 1-gen-2023 Zago, MarcoCristofolini, Ilaria +
Design For Sintering 2 Club Project - Anisotropy Of Dimensional Changes In The Compaction Plane As Affected By Compaction Strategy 1-gen-2023 Uçak Onur, UtkuZago, MarcoCristofolini, Ilaria +
Influence of shape distortion on the precision of holes in parts fabricated by Metal Binder Jetting 1-gen-2023 Zago, MarcoUçak, Onur UtkuCristofolini, Ilaria +
A study of the anisotropy of dimensional change in the compaction plane during sintering of low alloyed cold compacted steels 1-gen-2023 Zago, MarcoCristofolini, Ilaria +
Influence Of Powder Transfer On Density Distribution And Geometrical Precision In Multilevel Axi-Symmetric Parts 1-gen-2023 Zago, MarcoCristofolini, Ilaria +
Mitigation of gravity-induced distortions of binder-jetting components during rotational sintering 1-gen-2024 Torresani, ElisaZago, MarcoCristofolini, IlariaMolinari, Alberto +
Assessment of the Achievable Dimensional Tolerances in 17-4PH Stainless Steel Parts Fabricated by Metal Binder Jetting 1-gen-2024 Zago, MarcoCristofolini, Ilaria
Design for sintering – A comprehensive study on anisotropic dimensional change on sintering 1-gen-2024 Cristofolini, IlariaUçak, Onur UtkuZago, Marco +
Analysis of the causes determining dimensional and geometrical errors in 316L and 17-4PH stainless steel parts fabricated by metal binder jetting 1-gen-2024 Zago, MarcoCristofolini, Ilaria +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 38 di 38
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