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Media Access Protocols for Gb/s LANs with Spatial Reuse, Fairness, and Isochronous Service 1-gen-1992 Ofek, Yoram +
MetaNet: an Arbitrary Topology LAN for Data Acquisition and Processing 1-gen-1992 Ofek, Yoram +
Communication network and a method of regulating the transmission of data packets in a communication network 1-gen-1993 Ofek, Yoram +
Configuration and Performance Issues in the MetaNet Design 1-gen-1993 Ofek, Yoram +
Message stripping protocol for a communication network 1-gen-1993 Ofek, Yoram +
MetaRing - A Full-Duplex Ring with Fairness and Spatial Reuse 1-gen-1993 Ofek, Yoram +
Integration of synchronous and asynchronous traffic on rings 1-gen-1993 Ofek, Yoram
Design and Analysis of a Hybrid Access Control to an Optical Star using WDM 1-gen-1993 Ofek, Yoram +
Design and Performance of Convergence Routing on Spanning Trees 1-gen-1994 Ofek, Yoram +
Generating a Fault Tolerant Global Clock using High-speed Control Signals for the MetaNet Architecture 1-gen-1994 Ofek, Yoram
Routing and Flow Control on the MetaNet: an Overview 1-gen-1994 Ofek, Yoram +
Overview of the MetaRing Architecture 1-gen-1994 Ofek, Yoram
Reducing Global Address Recognition Delay in Local Area Networks with Spatial Reuse 1-gen-1994 Ofek, Yoram +
The Integrated MetaNet Architecture: A Switch-based Multimedia LAN for Parallel Computing and Real-time Traffic 1-gen-1994 Ofek, Yoram +
Pseudo-Isochronous Cell Switching in ATM Networks 1-gen-1994 Ofek, Yoram +
Process for routing data packets around a multi-node communications network 1-gen-1994 Ofek, Yoram +
Self-Termination Mechanism for Label Swapping Routing 1-gen-1994 Ofek, Yoram +
A New Label Based Source Routing in Multi-Ring Networks 1-gen-1995 Ofek, Yoram +
Method and apparatus for managing communications between multi-node quota-based communication systems 1-gen-1995 Ofek, Yoram +
Local Fairness in General Topology Networks with Convergence Routing 1-gen-1995 Ofek, Yoram +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 128
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