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TitoloAnno di pubblicazioneAutori UnitnFile
1Crowd-Based Mining of Reusable Process Model Patterns2014Daniel, Florian  ; Casati, Fabio  -
2Jakob von Uexküll: the Discovery of the Umwelt between Biosemiotics and Theoretical Biology2015Brentari, Carlo    riservati
3Towards a Palingenetic Study of Bas. 60.3: The COntribution of the Byzantine ῎INΔΙΚΕΣ. Part II2015Miglietta, Massimo    riservati
4Characterization of resistance mechanisms activated by Trichoderma harzianum T39 and benzothiadiazole to downy mildew in different grapevine cultivars2014Pertot, Ilaria  ; Perazzolli, Michele  ;  riservati
5Enhanced Seismic Performance of Non-Standard Bolted Flange Joints for Petrochemical Piping Systems.2014Reza, Md. Shahin  ; Bursi, Oreste Salvatore  ; Paolacci, Fabrizio  ; Kumar, Anil  -
6Photonuclear cross sections of three-nucleon systems and the role of three-nucleon forces2000Orlandini, Giuseppina  ; Leidemann, Winfried  ; Efros, Victor  ; -
7Aequorin chimeras as valuable tool in the measurement of Ca2+ concentration during cadmium injury2005Biagioli, Marta  ; -
8A general approach to the isothermal hyperelastic modelling of saturated porous media at finite strains with compressible solid constituents2010Gajo, Alessandro  -
9Crowd-Machine Collaboration for Item Screening2018Krivosheev, Evgeny  ; Harandizadeh, Bahareh  ; Casati, Fabio  ; Benatallah, Boualem  -
10Did We Really Get Rid of Commands? Thoughts on a theme by Elias Canetti2006Brighenti, Andrea  -


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