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TitoloAnno di pubblicazioneAutori UnitnFile
1Design and optimization of self-nanoemulsifying formulations for lipophilic drugs2015Zhao, Tianjing  ; Maniglio, Devid  ; Motta, Antonella  ; Migliaresi, Claudio    riservati
2The sound of voice: voice-based categorization of speakers' sexual orientation within and across languages2015Sulpizio, Simone  ; Fasoli, Fabio  ; Maass, Anne  ; Paladino, Maria Paola  ; Vespignani, Francesco  ;  Open Access
3The Effects of Weather and Climate Change on Dengue2013Fezzi, Carlo  ;  riservati
4Representational similarity of body parts in human occipitotemporal cortex2015Bracci, Stefania  ; Caramazza, Alfonso  ; Peelen, Marius Vincent    riservati
5Induction and processing of the radiation-induced gamma-H2AX signal and its link to the underlying pattern of DSB: A combined experimental and modelling study2015Tommasino, Francesco  ;  Open Access
6Hydropeaking mitigation project on a multi-purpose hydro-scheme on Valsura River in South Tyrol/Italy2016Cavedon, Valentina  ; Pisaturo, Giuseppe Roberto  ; Righetti, Maurizio    riservati
7Time perception as a workload measure in simulated car driving2009Baldauf, Daniel  ;  riservati
8Glycolytic-to-oxidative fiber-type switch and mTOR signaling activation are early-onset features of SBMA muscle modified by high-fat diet2016Gatto, Pamela  ; Pennuto, Maria    Open Access
9Predicting goals in action episodes attenuates BOLD response in inferior frontal and occipitotemporal cortex2014Wurm, Moritz Franz Nikolaus  ; -
10Action observers implicitly expect actors to act goal-coherently, even if they do not: An fMRI study2014Wurm, Moritz Franz Nikolaus  ; -