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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
Human cortical rhythms during delayed choice reaction time tasks. A high resolution EEG study on normal aging. 1-gen-2004 Miniussi, Carlo +
Human cortical rhythms during visual delay choice reaction time task. A high-resolution study on normal aging 1-gen-2004 Miniussi, Carlo +
Human Development and Economic Growth 1-gen-2016 Nadia von Jacobi +
Human Development, Education and Mobility 1-gen-2018 SARA DE SIMONE
Human dyskerin binds to cytoplasmic H/ACA-box-containing transcripts affecting nuclear hormone receptor dependence 1-gen-2022 De Sanctis V.Bertorelli R.Inga A.Dassi E. +
Human environmental exposure to thricloro and tetrachloroetylene from water and air in Milan 1-gen-1983 Ziglio, Giuliano +
Human exposeure to EMFs: a new moment-method based method 1-gen-1994 Massa, Andrea +
Human exposure and air pollutant trends 1-gen-2013 Ragazzi, Marco
Human exposure to electromagnetic fields produced by personal mobile telephones 1-gen-1996 Massa, Andrea +
Human exposure to environmental trichloro and tetrachloroetylene 1-gen-1981 Ziglio, Giuliano +
Human Face and Behavior Analysis 1-gen-2018 Wang, Wei
Human Factor Analyser for work measurement of manual manufacturing and assembly processes 1-gen-2019 Pilati F. +
Human Fallibility, Economic Enterprises and Organizations 1-gen-1992 Tamborini, Roberto
Human fMRI Reveals That Delayed Action Re-Recruits Visual Perception 1-gen-2013 Monaco, SimonaCulham, Jody C. +
Human functional neuroimaging at 4T: methods developments and applications in cognitive neuroscience 1-gen-2008 Jovicich, JorgeBasso, GianpaoloFerrari, PaoloPapinutto, Nico DarioSchwarzbach, Jens Volkmar +
A Human Growth Perspective on Sustainable HRM Practices, Worker Well-Being and Organizational Performance 1-gen-2022 Tortia, Ermanno CelesteSacchetti, Silvia +
A “Human Growth” Perspective on Organizational Resources and Firm Performance 1-gen-2012 Tortia, Ermanno CelesteSacchetti, Silvia
A “Human Growth” Perspective on Organizational Resources, Worker Satisfaction and Firm Performance 1-gen-2013 Tortia, Ermanno CelesteSacchetti, Silvia
'Human habitation or economic life of their own’: the definition of features between history, technology and the law 1-gen-2020 Faccio, Sondra
Human identification and tracking using ultra-wideband-vision data fusion in unstructured environments 1-gen-2021 Luchetti, AlessandroCarollo, AndreaSantoro, LucaNardello, MatteoBrunelli, DavideBosetti, PaoloDe Cecco, Mariolino
Mostrati risultati da 42.872 a 42.891 di 109.291
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