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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
Expression-profiling of apoptosis induced by ablation of the long ncRNA TRPM2-AS in prostate cancer cell 1-gen-2015 Chiacchiera F +
Expressions Intelligentes des emotions 1-gen-2006 Niewiadomski R +
Expressions of empathy in ECAs 1-gen-2008 Niewiadomski R +
An expressive ECA showing complex emotions 1-gen-2007 Niewiadomski R +
Expressive measures. An ecology of the public domain 1-gen-2016 Brighenti, Andrea
EXPTIME Tableaux for ALC 1-gen-2000 Massacci, Fabio +
An Extended Account of Trace-relating Compiler Correctness and Secure Compilation 1-gen-2021 Patrignani, Marco +
Extended attribute profiles on GPU applied to hyperspectral image classification 1-gen-2019 Quesada Barriuso, PabloDemir, BegümBruzzone, Lorenzo +
The extended governance of cooperative firms: inter-firm coordination and consistency of values 1-gen-2016 Tortia, Ermanno CelesteSacchetti, Silvia
Extended Granger causality: A new tool to identify the structure of physiological networks 1-gen-2015 Schiatti L.Nollo G.Faes L. +
An extended hybrid fuzzy multi-criteria decision model for sustainable and resilient supplier selection 1-gen-2022 Di Caprio, D. +
An extended Kalman filtering approach to modeling nonlinear dynamic gene regulatory networks via short gene expression time series 1-gen-2009 Vinciotti V. +
Extended Lagrangian Approach for the Defocusing Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation 1-gen-2019 Firas Dhaouadi +
Extended Momentum Model for Single and Multiple Hydrokinetic Turbines in Subcritical Flows 19-apr-2023 Cacciali, Luca
Extended Performance Graphs for Cluster Retrieval 1-gen-2001 Sebe, Niculae +
Extended Profiles with Morphological Attribute Filters for the Analysis of Hyperspectral Data 1-gen-2010 Dalla Mura, MauroBenediktsson, Jon AtliBruzzone, Lorenzo +
Extended QCTO for Innovative Antenna System Designs 1-gen-2014 Oliveri, GiacomoBekele, Ephrem TeshaleCarlin, MatteoTenuti, LorenzaMassa, Andrea +
Extended Self-Dual Attribute Profiles for the Classification of Hyperspectral Images 1-gen-2015 Dalla Mura, MauroBenediktsson, Jon AtliBruzzone, Lorenzo +
The Extended Social Grid Model Revisited 1-gen-2019 Jacobi, Nadia vonMaestripieri, Lara +
Extended space in art and perception 1-gen-2011 Albertazzi, Liliana
Mostrati risultati da 36.471 a 36.490 di 116.456
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