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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
Experimental Determination of average turbulent heat transfer in a rib-roughened channel 1-gen-1998 Battisti, LorenzoBaggio, Paolo
Experimental Determination of the Building Envelope’s Dynamic Thermal Characteristics in Consideration of Hygrothermal Modelling – Assessment of Methods and Sources of Uncertainty 1-gen-2021 Prada, Alessandro +
Experimental Determination of the Impact Ionization Coefficients in Irradiated Silicon 1-gen-2011 Dalla Betta, Gian Franco +
Experimental Determination of the Instrumental Broadening in the Bragg-Brentano Geometry 1-gen-1994 Scardi, PaoloLutterotti, LucaMaistrelli, Paul
Experimental determination of the restitution coefficient for collisional granular-liquid flows 1-gen-2008 Armanini, AronneFraccarollo, LuigiLarcher, Michele +
Experimental determination of the scattering length for positron scattering from krypton 1-gen-2011 Zecca, AntonioChiari, LucaTrainotti, Emanuele +
Experimental economics as a method for normative business ethics 1-gen-2015 Sacconi, LorenzoFaillo, Marco +
Experimental Economics as a Tool for Organizational Design: The Case of Managerial Incentive Systems 1-gen-1999 Rossi, Alessandro
Experimental Economics: Rethinking the Rules 1-gen-2012 Ploner, Matteo
Experimental Essays on Social and Agency Dilemmas 1-gen-2014 Casal, Sandro
Experimental evaluation and FE simulation of thermal conditions at tool surface during cooling and deformation phases in hot forging operations 1-gen-2002 Dal Negro, Tommaso +
Experimental evaluation of a bioresorbable intramedullary plug for bone cemented total hip replacement 1-gen-1997 Fambri, Luca +
An experimental evaluation of a loop versus a reference design for two-channel microarrays 1-gen-2005 Vinciotti V. +
Experimental evaluation of a smart prestressed element instrumented with multiplexed interferometric fiber optic sensors 1-gen-2008 Zonta, DanielePozzi, MatteoWu, Huayong +
Experimental evaluation of a system for assisting motorcyclists to safely ride road bends 1-gen-2014 Biral, FrancescoBosetti, Paolo +
Experimental evaluation of an intelligent tutoring system 1-gen-2001 De Angeli, Antonella +
Experimental Evaluation of BMX6 Routing Metrics in a 802.11an Wireless-Community Mesh Network 1-gen-2015 Maccari, Leonardo +
Experimental evaluation of different strengthening techniques of traditional timber connections 1-gen-2011 Piazza, Maurizio +
Experimental evaluation of residual stresses in single fiber composites by means of the fragmentation test 1-gen-1996 Pegoretti, AlessandroMigliaresi, Claudio +
Mostrati risultati da 34.736 a 34.755 di 112.708
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