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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
The driver Continuous Support function in the FP7 “interactIVe” project: an implementation based on the “co-driver” metaphor 1-gen-2014 Da Lio, MauroBiral, FrancescoBertolazzi, EnricoGalvani, MarcoBosetti, Paolo +
Driver detection of water availability changes in a large Alpine river basin 1-gen-2017 S. MallucciB. MajoneA. Bellin
Driver detection of water quality trends across Mediterranean river basins 1-gen-2017 E. DiamantiniS. MallucciB. MajoneA. Bellin +
Driver detection of water quality trends in three large European river basins 1-gen-2018 Diamantini, ElenaMallucci, StefanoMajone, BrunoBellin, Alberto +
Driver reaction and behavior in a motorway environment equipped with an integrated VMS and on-board RDS-TMC information system 1-gen-1996 De Angeli, Antonella +
DriverAuth: A risk-based multi-modal biometric-based driver authentication scheme for ride-sharing platforms 1-gen-2019 Gupta, SandeepBuriro, AttaullahCrispo, Bruno
DriverAuth: Behavioral Biometric-based Driver Authentication Mechanism for On-demand Ride and Ridesharing Infrastructure 1-gen-2019 Sandeep GuptaAttaullah BuriroBruno Crispo
Drivers of food waste reduction behaviour in the household context. 1-gen-2021 Muhammad Junaid Shahid Hasni +
The drivers of Industry 4.0 embeddedness in an innovation ecosystem 1-gen-2021 Rossi AlessandroSantini Erica +
The drivers of managerial practices: firm and country characteristics explaining managerial performance. 1-gen-2019 Segnana, Maria Luigia +
Drivers of territorial servitization: An empirical analysis of manufacturing productivity in local value chains 1-gen-2022 Santini, Erica +
Driving knots on DNA with AC/DC electric fields: Topological friction and memory effects 1-gen-2014 Tubiana L. +
Driving on rough surface requires care and attention 1-gen-2017 Mulatti Claudio +
Driving Organizational Learning by Training a Key Person on Site and through Distance Learning 1-gen-1998 D'Andrea, VincenzoMarchese, MaurizioMartini, UmbertoRonchetti, MarcoJacucci, Gianni +
Driving under influence: Robust controller migration for MEC-enabled platooning 1-gen-2022 Segata, MicheleCasari, Paolo +
Driving unmodeled gravitational-wave transient searches using astrophysical information 1-gen-2018 Salemi F. +
Droga e alcool negli adolescenti italiani. Un modello causale di spiegazione del consumo di alcool e di droga 1-gen-1992 Chiari, Giorgio +
Droga leggera e droga pesante: quale il problema? 1-gen-1979 Bertelli, Bruno
La droga nella quotidianità giovanile 1-gen-1990 Buzzi, CarloPeri, Pierangelo
Drogen im Alltag der Jugend. Eine Studie Ueber Jugendliche in Suedtirol 1-gen-1990 Buzzi, CarloPeri, Pierangelo
Mostrati risultati da 26.544 a 26.563 di 105.218
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