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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
Building Quality-based Views of the Web 1-gen-2007 Polettini, Nicola +
Building Semantic Mappings from Databases to Ontologies 1-gen-2006 Mylopoulos, Ioannis +
Building Shape and Heating Requirements: A Parametric Approach in Italian Climatic Conditions 1-gen-2010 Albatici, RossanoPasserini, Francesco
Building skin as energy supply: Prototype development of a wooden prefabricated BiPV wall 1-gen-2013 Maturi, Laura
Building social skills to ‘learn together’ in the intercultural primary school 1-gen-2017 Malusà, Giovanna
Building Structures from Classifiers for Passage Reranking 1-gen-2013 Severyn, AliakseiNicosia, MassimoMoschitti, Alessandro
Building sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems: A holistic approach 1-gen-2022 Caputo A. +
Building System With Timber Precasted Panels 1-gen-1994 Frattari, AntonioGarofolo, Ilaria
Building Techniques for the Reconstruction of the Ischia Island after the 1883 Earthquake 1-gen-1995 Frattari, Antonio +
“Building the fact” in trial: a rhetorical account 1-gen-2012 Puppo, Federico
Building the Kitagawa-Takahashi diagram of flawed materials and components using an optimized V-notched cylindrical specimen 1-gen-2020 Benedetti M. +
Building The Mongolian WordNet 1-gen-2019 Batsuren, KhuyagbaatarGiunchiglia, Fausto +
Building the playground for collective imagination: Ethnography of a détournement around moneywork and carework 1-gen-2022 Bassetti, Chiara
Building Theory on the Negotiation Capability of the Firm: Evidence from Ryanair 1-gen-2019 Caputo, Andrea +
Building up the ties with the past: August Strindberg and Starkaðr 1-gen-2016 BAMPI, Massimiliano
Building value networks for social entrepreneurship success: the In Concerto case 1-gen-2007 Bonel, Elena +
Building Virtual Sensors and Actuators over Logical Neighborhoods 1-gen-2006 Mottola, LucaPicco, Gian Pietro +
Building, testing and assessing a learning management system 1-gen-2005 Colazzo, LuigiMolinari, Andrea
Building-Blocks for A Network-Process Approach 1-gen-1991 Benassi, Mario
Mostrati risultati da 12.351 a 12.370 di 112.111
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