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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
A simple mathematical and physical analysis of nonequilibrium segregation effects in a freezing liquid aluminum layer after a nanosecond laser-pulse irradiation 1-gen-1981 Miotello, Antonio +
Alkali signal decay during Auger analysis of dielectric solids - secondary effect of desorption process 1-gen-1984 Miotello, Antonio +
Electron-beam induced heat-flow transient in aluminum 1-gen-1983 Miotello, Antonio +
Enhancement of Er3+ luminescence by metal aggregates 1-gen-2011 Mariazzi, SebastianoBrusa, Roberto Sennen +
Heat-flow in an aluminum sample undergoing melting and re-solidification under irradiation by a nanosecond laser-pulse 1-gen-1980 Miotello, Antonio +
Heavy-ion irradiation of glasses - enhanced diffusion and preferential sputtering of alkali elements 1-gen-1986 Della Mea, GianantonioMiotello, Antonio +
Laser irradiation effects on high-dose implanted Cu and Pb in polycrystalline Aluminum 1-gen-1980 Della Mea, GianantonioMiotello, Antonio +
Radiation effects in glasses 1-gen-1986 Miotello, Antonio +
Simple approximate analytical expressions for the liquid-solid interface motion and heating and cooling rates in an Al sample irradiated by a nanosecond laser-pulse 1-gen-1980 Miotello, Antonio +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 9 di 9
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