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On the Impact of Mutual Coupling Effects on the PSL Performances of ADS Thinned Arrays 1-gen-2009 Oliveri, GiacomoManica, LucaMassa, Andrea
A fully-adaptive smart antenna prototype: Ideal model and experimental validation in complex interference scenarios 1-gen-2009 Benedetti, ManuelOliveri, GiacomoRocca, PaoloMassa, Andrea
Three-dimensional real-time localization of subsurface objects – From theory to experimental validation 1-gen-2009 Lizzi, LeonardoViani, FedericoRocca, PaoloOliveri, GiacomoBenedetti, ManuelMassa, Andrea
Synthesis of notched band UWB antennas with a hybrid PSO-spline technique 1-gen-2010 Lizzi, LeonardoOliveri, GiacomoRocca, PaoloMassa, Andrea
Synthesis of antenna elements for utilization in UWB arrays 1-gen-2010 Lizzi, LeonardoOliveri, Giacomo +
Time-domain inversion with the IMSA-FBTS approach 1-gen-2010 Manica, LucaOliveri, GiacomoMassa, Andrea +
Almost difference sets and perfect sequence constructions motivated by some problems in communication engineering 1-gen-2010 Manica, LucaOliveri, Giacomo +
ADS-based Array Design for 2D and 3D Ultrasound Imaging 1-gen-2010 Oliveri, GiacomoMassa, Andrea
Antenna array synthesis through time modulation 1-gen-2010 Poli, LorenzoRocca, PaoloOliveri, GiacomoLizzi, LeonardoMassa, Andrea
The use of the differential evolution method for the solution of electromagnetic inverse scattering problems 1-gen-2010 Donelli, MassimoMassa, AndreaOliveri, Giacomo +
A novel design methodology for integration of optimized wideband elements with aperiodic array topologies 1-gen-2010 Lizzi, LeonardoOliveri, GiacomoMassa, Andrea +
Analytic techniques for the design of non-regular arrays 1-gen-2010 Oliveri, GiacomoRocca, PaoloMassa, Andrea
On the exploitation of the iterative multi-scaling scheme for the electromagnetic non-destructive evaluation with the inexact-Newton method 1-gen-2010 Lizzi, LeonardoOliveri, GiacomoMassa, Andrea
Rectangular thinned array design by McFarland difference sets 1-gen-2010 Oliveri, GiacomoCaramanica, FedericoRocca, PaoloMassa, Andrea
Methodologies for the solution of inverse scattering problems @ ELEDIA Research Group 1-gen-2010 Caramanica, FedericoCarlin, MatteoDonelli, MassimoFranceschini, DavideLizzi, LeonardoManica, LucaOliveri, GiacomoPoli, LorenzoRocca, PaoloViani, FedericoMassa, Andrea +
Evolutionary algorithms for inverse scattering - Advances and state-of-the-art comparisons 1-gen-2010 Caramanica, FedericoDonelli, MassimoOliveri, GiacomoRocca, PaoloMassa, Andrea
On the exploitation of analytic sequences for array interleaving 1-gen-2010 Oliveri, GiacomoManica, LucaMassa, Andrea
Exploitation of WSNs for homeland/environmental security and surveillance 1-gen-2010 Viani, FedericoLizzi, LeonardoDonelli, MassimoOliveri, GiacomoPregnolato, DenisRocca, PaoloMassa, Andrea
ADS-based Y-shaped arrays for interferometry and radio astronomy applications 1-gen-2010 Oliveri, GiacomoCaramanica, FedericoRocca, PaoloMassa, Andrea
An innovative multi-source strategy for enhancing the reconstruction capabilities of inverse scattering techniques 1-gen-2010 Caramanica, FedericoOliveri, Giacomo
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 494
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