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An enhanced platform for cell electroporation: controlled delivery and electrodes functionalization 1-gen-2010 Vidalino, LauraMacchi, Paolo +
Dendritically localized transcripts are sorted into distinct ribonucleoprotein particles that display fast directional motility along dendrites of hippocampal neurons. 1-gen-2010 Macchi, Paolo +
SUBCELLULAR RNA LOCALIZATION ANDTRANSLATIONAL CONTROL:Mechanisms and Biological Significance in theVertebrate Nervous System 1-gen-2011 Quattrone, AlessandroMacchi, Paolo +
Microenvironmental control of malignancy exerted by RNASET2, a widely conserved extracellular RNase 1-gen-2011 Vidalino, LauraMacchi, Paolo +
An integrated platform for in vitro single-site cell electroporation: Controlled delivery and electrodes functionalization 1-gen-2012 Vidalino, LauraMacchi, Paolo +
Intracellular trafficking of RNASET2, a novel component of P-bodies. 1-gen-2012 Vidalino, L.Haase, A.Moro, A.Macchi, P. +
The double-stranded RNA-binding protein Staufen 2 regulates eye size 1-gen-2012 Macchi, Paolo +
mRNA fate: Life and death of the mRNA in the cytoplasm 1-gen-2013 Denti, Michela AlessandraViero, GabriellaProvenzani, AlessandroQuattrone, AlessandroMacchi, Paolo
Interactome of two diverse RNA granules links mRNA localization to translational repression in neurons. 1-gen-2013 Macchi, Paolo +
Proteome-Wide Characterization of the RNA-Binding Protein RALY-Interactome Using the in Vivo-Biotinylation-Pulldown-Quant (iBioPQ) Approach 1-gen-2013 Moro, AlbertomariaFrancis, Ashwanth ChristopherVidalino, LauraProvenzani, AlessandroMacchi, Paolo +
A lipidomics investigation of the induced hypoxia stress on HeLa cells by using MS and NMR techniques 1-gen-2014 Yu, YangVidalino, LauraAnesi, AndreaMacchi, PaoloGuella, Graziano
Rbfox proteins regulate microRNA biogenesis by sequence-specific binding to their precursors and target downstream Dicer 1-gen-2016 Zubovic, LorenaMacchi, Paolo +
Bio-hybrid interfaces to study neuromorphic functionalities: New multidisciplinary evidences of cell viability on poly(anyline) (PANI), a semiconductor polymer with memristive properties 1-gen-2016 Cornella, NicolaPasquardini, LauraVidalino, LauraCaponi, SilviaMacchi, PaoloMusio, Carlo +
Targeted inhibition of oncogenic miR-21 maturation with designed RNA-binding proteins 1-gen-2016 Yang, F.Zubovic, L.Macchi, P. +
Transfection of Cultured Primary Neurons 1-gen-2017 Rossi, AnnalisaMacchi, Paolo +
Identification and dynamic changes of RNAs isolated from RALY-containing ribonucleoprotein complexes 1-gen-2017 Rossi, AnnalisaMoro, AlbertomariaTebaldi, TomaCornella, NicolaGasperini, LisaLunelli, LorenzoQuattrone, AlessandroViero, GabriellaMacchi, Paolo
The hnRNP RALY regulates transcription and cell proliferation by modulating the expression of specific factors including the proliferation marker E2F1 1-gen-2017 Cornella, NicolaTebaldi, TomaGasperini, LisaRossi, AnnalisaMacchi, Paolo +
Primary cortical neurons on PMCS TiO2 films towards bio-hybrid memristive device: A morpho-functional study 1-gen-2017 Roncador, AlessandroPasquardini, LauraGiusti, GiovanniCornella, NicolaLunelli, LorenzoBartali, RubenCaponi, SilviaMacchi, PaoloMusio, Carlo +
HuD Is a Neural Translation Enhancer Acting on mTORC1-Responsive Genes and Counteracted by the Y3 Small Non-coding RNA 1-gen-2018 Tebaldi, TomaZuccotti, PaolaPeroni, DanieleGasperini, LisaPotrich, ValentinaBonazza, VeronicaRossi, AnnalisaConti, LucianoMacchi, PaoloD'Agostino, VitoQuattrone, Alessandro +
The hnRNP RALY regulates PRMT1 expression and interacts with the ALS-linked protein FUS: Implication for reciprocal cellular localization 1-gen-2018 Gasperini, LisaRossi, AnnalisaCornella, NicolaPeroni, DanieleZuccotti, PaolaPotrich, ValentinaQuattrone, AlessandroMacchi, Paolo
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 65
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