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Assessing the air quality impact of nitrogen oxides and benzene from road traffic and domestic heating and the associated cancer risk in an urban area of Verona (Italy) 1-gen-2015 Schiavon, MarcoAntonacci, GianlucaRada, Elena CristinaRagazzi, MarcoZardi, DinoGiovannini, Lorenzo +
Climatological characteristics of the Ora del Garda wind in the Alps 1-gen-2015 Giovannini, LorenzoLaiti, LaviniaZardi, Dino +
The relation between circulation types and regional Alpine climate. Part II: The dependence of the predictive skill on the vertical level of the classification for Trentino 1-gen-2016 Panziera, LucaGiovannini, LorenzoLaiti, LaviniaZardi, Dino
Preliminary pollutant dispersion modelling with calmet and calpuff over complex terrain in the Bolzano Basin (IT) 1-gen-2016 Tomasi, ElenaGiovannini, LorenzoFalocchi, MarcoZardi, DinoAntonacci, Gianluca
Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of wind-driven circulation in a peri-alpine lake: Detection of turbulent structures and implications of a complex surrounding orography 1-gen-2017 Toffolon, MarcoGiovannini, Lorenzo +
A 3D planet boundary layer scheme for the representation of dispersion processes in sub-kilometer horizontally non-homogeneous flows 1-gen-2017 Tomasi, ElenaGiovannini, LorenzoFalocchi, MarcoZardi, Dino +
The bolzano tracer experiment (btex): An experiment on tracer gas dispersion from an incinerator stack and on its real-time modelling 1-gen-2017 Tomasi, ElenaAntonacci, GianlucaGiovannini, LorenzoFalocchi, MarcoZardi, Dino +
The thermally driven diurnal wind system of the Adige Valley in the Italian Alps 1-gen-2017 Lorenzo GiovanniniDino Zardi +
Optimization of Noah and Noah_MP WRF land surface schemes in snow-melting conditions over complex terrain 1-gen-2017 Tomasi, ElenaGiovannini, LorenzoZardi, Dino +
Sensitivity of WRF/urban simulations to urban morphology parameters: A case study in the city of Bolzano 1-gen-2017 Pappaccogli, GianlucaGiovannini, LorenzoZardi, Dino +
Challenges in the application of a WRF/Urban-TRNSYS model chain for estimating the cooling demand of buildings: a case study in Bolzano (Italy) 1-gen-2018 Pappaccogli, GianlucaGiovannini, LorenzoZardi, Dino +
A Refinement of the McMillen (1988) Recursive Digital Filter for the Analysis of Atmospheric Turbulence 1-gen-2018 Falocchi, MarcoGiovannini, LorenzoFranceschi, Massimiliano deZardi, Dino
Meteorological applications benefiting from an improved understanding of atmospheric exchange processes over mountains 1-gen-2018 Giovannini, LorenzoZardi, Dino +
Dispersion modeling over complex terrain in the bolzano basin (it): preliminary results from a WRF-CALPUFF modeling system 1-gen-2018 Tomasi, ElenaGiovannini, LorenzoFalocchi, MarcoZardi, DinoAntonacci, GianlucaBisignano, Andrea +
Wind variability and Earth’s rotation as drivers of transport in a deep, elongated subalpine lake: The case of Lake Garda 1-gen-2018 Amadori, MarinaPiccolroaz, SebastianoGiovannini, LorenzoZardi, DinoToffolon, Marco
Estimating Hourly Beam and Diffuse Solar Radiation in an Alpine Valley: A Critical Assessment of Decomposition Models 1-gen-2018 Giovannini, LorenzoZardi, Dino +
A method to determine the characteristic time-scales of quasi-isotropic surface-layer turbulence over complex terrain: A case-study in the Adige Valley (Italian Alps) 1-gen-2019 Falocchi, MarcoGiovannini, Lorenzode Franceschi, MassimilianoZardi, Dino
Turbulence parameterizations for dispersion in sub-kilometer horizontally non-homogeneous flows 1-gen-2019 Tomasi E.Giovannini L.Falocchi M.Antonacci G.Zardi D. +
A modelling chain for establishing a low emission corridor through the alps 1-gen-2020 Todeschini, IlariaAntonacci, GianlucaBisignano, AndreaGiovannini, Lorenzo +
Atmospheric pollutant dispersion over complex terrain: Challenges and needs for improving air quality measurements and modeling 1-gen-2020 Giovannini L.Karl T.Rotach M. W.Zardi D. +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 63
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