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Virtual, Remote Participation in Museum Visits by Older Adults: A Feasibility Study 1-gen-2015 Pisoni, GalenaBaez Gonzalez, Marcos AntonioDaniel, FlorianCasati, Fabio
Virtual, Remote Participation in Museum Visits by Older Adults 1-gen-2015 Galena KostoskaMarcos BaezFlorian DanielFabio Casati
Idea Management Communities in the Wild 1-gen-2016 Saldivar Galli, Jorge AugustoBaez Gonzalez, Marcos AntonioRodriguez, CarlosConvertino, Gregorio +
Fitness Applications for Home-Based Training 1-gen-2016 Khaghani Far, ImanNikitina, SvetlanaBaez Gonzalez, Marcos AntonioCasati, Fabio +
Designing for older adults: review of touchscreen design guidelines 1-gen-2017 Nurgalieva, LeysanJara Laconich, Juan JosèBaez Gonzalez, Marcos AntonioCasati, FabioMarchese, Maurizio
Understanding how Software Can Support the Needs of Family Caregivers for Patients with Severe Conditions 1-gen-2017 Di Fiore, AngelaCeschel, FrancescoFiore, FrancescaBaez Gonzalez, Marcos AntonioCasati, Fabio +
Stimulating conversations in residential care through technology-mediated reminiscence 1-gen-2017 Ibarra, FranciscoBaez, MarcosFiore, FrancescaCasati, Fabio
Viability of magazines for stimulating social interactions in nursing homes 1-gen-2017 Caforio, ValentinaBaez, MarcosCasati, Fabio
Combining Crowd and Machines for Multi-predicate Item Screening 1-gen-2018 Evgeny KrivosheevFabio CasatiMarcos BáezBoualem Benatallah
Investigating crowdsourcing as a method to collect emotion labels for images 1-gen-2018 Korovina, OlgaCasati, FabioBaez, Marcos +
Designing healthcare systems with an emphasis on relational quality and peace of mind 1-gen-2018 Nurgalieva, LeysanBaez, MarcosFiore, FrancescaCasati, FabioMarchese, Maurizio
Design challenges for reconnecting in later life: A qualitative study 1-gen-2018 Ibarra, FranciscoBaez, MarcosLau Sanchez, Norma CelinaCernuzzi, LucaCasati, Fabio +
CrowdRev: A platform for Crowd-based Screening of Literature Reviews 1-gen-2018 Jorge RamirezEvgeny KrivosheevMarcos BaezFabio Casati +
Designing for co-located and virtual social interactions in residential care 1-gen-2018 Ibarra, FranciscoBaez, MarcosFiore, FrancescaCasati, Fabio
Agile development for vulnerable populations: Lessons learned and recommendations 1-gen-2018 Baez, MarcosCasati, Fabio
Understanding the Impact of Text Highlighting in Crowdsourcing Tasks 1-gen-2019 Ramirez, JorgeBaez, MarcosCasati, FabioBenatallah, Boualem
Designing Interactive Systems to Mediate Communication between Formal and Informal Caregivers in Aged Care 1-gen-2019 Nurgalieva L.Baez M.Adamo G.Casati F.Marchese M.
Crowdsourced dataset to study the generation and impact of text highlighting in classification tasks 1-gen-2019 Ramirez Medina, Jorge DanielBaez M.Casati F.Benatallah B.
A Systematic Literature Review of Research-Derived Touchscreen Design Guidelines for Older Adults 1-gen-2019 Nurgalieva L.Baez M.Casati F.Marchese M. +
Conversational Web Interaction: Proposal of a Dialog-Based Natural Language Interaction Paradigm for the Web 1-gen-2020 Baez, MarcosDaniel, FlorianCasati, Fabio
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 44
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