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Borda Counts : is more information better than less? 1-gen-1998 Zambelli, Stefano +
On the Neoclassical Scarcity Theory of Value 1-gen-1999 Zambelli, Stefano
Shapley-Shubik Power Index Values Applied to the Italian Parliament 1-gen-2001 Zambelli, Stefano
The 40% Neoclassical Aggregate Theory of Production. Results of a Simulation Investigation 1-gen-2004 Zambelli, Stefano
Production of Ideas by Means of Ideas 1-gen-2004 Zambelli, Stefano
Exchanges between Frisch and Clark, Kalecki and Schumpeter on the modelling of economic fluctuations 1-gen-2005 Zambelli, Stefano
A Tutorial Workshop on Computable Growth Theory 1-gen-2005 Zambelli, Stefano
Computable Knowledge and Undecidability: A Turing Machine Metaphor applied to Endogenous Growth Theory 1-gen-2005 Zambelli, Stefano
On Some Serious Methodological Problems Concerning the Analysis of the Danish Welfare Commission and the Use of the Dream Model 1-gen-2006 Zambelli, Stefano
Velfærdskommissionen udtaler sig ikke om velfærd. Af Carsten Heyn-Johnsen og Stefano Zambelli (Kritisk Debat, 15. sept. 2006) 1-gen-2006 Zambelli, Stefano +
The Rocking Horse That Never Rocked: Frisch's "Propagation and Impulse Problem" 1-gen-2007 Zambelli, Stefano
A Comment on Phillip Mirowski. Markets Come to Bits: Evolution, Computation and Markomata in Economic Science 1-gen-2007 Zambelli, Stefano
Measuring Structural and TechnologicalChange from Technically Autarkic SubsystemsA Study of Danish Industries 1966-2005 1-gen-2009 Zambelli, Stefano +
The Technological FrontierAn International an Inter-industrial Empirical Investigation of Efficiency, Technological Change and Convergence 1-gen-2009 Zambelli, Stefano +
Technological Progress in Italian Regions: Some Comparisons 1-gen-2010 Zambelli, StefanoDegasperi, Matteo
Coupled Dynamics in the Phillips Machine Model of the Macroeconomy 1-gen-2010 Zambelli, Stefano
Flexible Accelerator Economic Systems as Coupled Oscillators 1-gen-2010 Zambelli, Stefano
An Algorithmic Measurement of Technical Progress 1-gen-2010 Zambelli, Stefano +
Introduction 1-gen-2010 Zambelli, Stefano
The Epistemology of Simulation, Computation and Dynamics in Economics Ennobling Synergies, Enfeebling 'Perfection' 1-gen-2010 Velupillai, KumaraswamyZambelli, Stefano
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 78
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