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On decision processes in businesses, companies and organizations computed through a generative approach: The case of the agent-based modeling 1-gen-2015 Costantini A. +
Grit or honesty-humility? New insights into the moderating role of personality between the health impairment process and counterproductive work behavior 1-gen-2016 Costantini A. +
The indirect relationship between neuroticism and job performance in italian trade workers: A cross-sectional study 1-gen-2016 Costantini A. +
Big Five for work and organizations: FLORA (Role Related Personal Profile), an Italian personality test based on the Five-Factor Model and developed for the assessment of candidates and employees 1-gen-2016 Costantini A. +
The relationship between the big five personality traits and job performance in business workers and employees’ perception 1-gen-2016 Costantini A. +
Not only correlations: a different approach for investigating the relationship between the Big Five personality traits and job performance based on workers and employees’ perception 1-gen-2017 Costantini A. +
Work engagement and psychological capital in the italian public administration: A new resource-based intervention programme 1-gen-2017 Costantini A. +
The career decision-making competence: a new construct for the career realm 1-gen-2017 Costantini A. +
The impact of occupational rewards on risk taking among managers 1-gen-2017 Costantini A. +
How do you manage change in organizations? Training, development, innovation, and their relationships 1-gen-2018 Costantini A. +
Accounting for individual differences in decision-making competence: Personality and gender differences 1-gen-2018 Costantini A. +
Psychological processes underlying organizational reward management The role of perceived organizational support and effort-reward management 1-gen-2018 Costantini A. +
The intertwined relationship between job crafting, work-related positive emotions, and work engagement. Evidence from a positive psychology intervention study 1-gen-2018 Costantini A. +
The NOTECHS+: A short scale designed for assessing the Non-Technical Skills (and more) in the aviation and the emergency personnel 1-gen-2019 Costantini A. +
Theories for computing prosocial behavior 1-gen-2019 Costantini A. +
The role of a new strength-based intervention on organisation-based self-esteem and work engagement: A three-wave intervention study 1-gen-2019 Costantini A. +
Dimensions of decision-making: An evidence-based classification of heuristics and biases 1-gen-2019 Costantini A. +
Implementing Job Crafting Behaviors: Exploring the Effects of a Job Crafting Intervention Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior 1-gen-2020 Costantini, AriannaCeschi, Andrea +
Psychosocial interventions for the enhancement of psychological resources among dyslexic adults: A systematic review 1-gen-2020 Costantini A. +
From sensation to cognition: a perception-based training intervention for the development of relational competences in young Italian apprentices 1-gen-2020 Costantini A. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 31
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