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A microfluidic gradient maker for toxicity testing of bupivacaine and lidocaine 1-gen-2008 Tirella A. +
A phase diagram for microfabrication of geometrically controlled hydrogel scaffolds 1-gen-2009 Tirella A. +
Finite element modelling and design of a concentration gradient generating bioreactor: Application to biological pattern formation and toxicology 1-gen-2010 Tirella A. +
Substrate stiffness influences high resolution printing of living cells with an ink-jet system 1-gen-2011 Tirella A. +
PAM2 (piston assisted microsyringe): A new rapid prototyping technique for biofabrication of cell incorporated scaffolds 1-gen-2011 Tirella A. +
Functionally graded materials (FGMs) with predictable and controlled gradient profiles: Computational modelling and realisation 1-gen-2012 Tirella A. +
Realization of a poro-elastic ultrasound replica of pulmonary tissue 1-gen-2012 Tirella A. +
The impact of fabrication parameters and substrate stiffness in direct writing of living constructs 1-gen-2012 Tirella A. +
Riboflavin and collagen: New crosslinking methods to tailor the stiffness of hydrogels 1-gen-2012 Tirella A. +
The PAM 2 system: A multilevel approach for fabrication of complex three-dimensional microstructures 1-gen-2012 Tirella A. +
Viscoelastic characterisation of pig liver in unconfined compression 1-gen-2014 Tirella A. +
A novel dual-flow bioreactor simulates increased fluorescein permeability in epithelial tissue barriers 1-gen-2014 Tirella A. +
Mechanostructure and composition of highly reproducible decellularized liver matrices 1-gen-2014 Tirella A. +
In vitro toxicological screening of nanoparticles on primary human endothelial cells and the role of flow in modulating cell response 1-gen-2014 Tirella A. +
A multistep procedure to prepare pre-vascularized cardiac tissue constructs using adult stem sells, dynamic cell cultures, and porous scaffolds 1-gen-2014 Tirella A. +
Sphyga: A multiparameter open source tool for fabricating smart and tunable hydrogel microbeads 1-gen-2014 Tirella A. +
Strain rate viscoelastic analysis of soft and highly hydrated biomaterials 1-gen-2014 Tirella A. +
Nano-in-micro self-reporting hydrogel constructs 1-gen-2014 Tirella A. +
Decoupling the role of stiffness from other hydroxyapatite signalling cues in periosteal derived stem cell differentiation 1-gen-2015 Tirella A. +
Fibronectin localization and fibrillization are affected by the presence of serum in culture media 1-gen-2015 Tirella A. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 41
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