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Moving around objects and recognizing them 1-gen-1998 Pavani, Francesco +
Neuropsychological evidence of the functional integration of visual, auditory and proprioceptive spatial maps 1-gen-1998 Pavani, Francesco +
Are perception and action affected differently by the Titchener circles illusion? 1-gen-1999 Pavani, Francesco +
Crossmodal links in spatial attention between vision and touch: Allocentric coding revealed by crossing the hands. 1-gen-2000 Pavani, Francesco +
Visual capture of touch: Out-of-the-body experiences with rubber gloves 1-gen-2000 Pavani, Francesco +
Ventriloquism in patients with unilateral visual neglect 1-gen-2000 Pavani, Francesco +
Reappraising the apparent costs of attending two separate visual objects 1-gen-2000 Pavani, Francesco +
Left tactile extinction following visual stimulation of a rubber hand 1-gen-2000 Pavani, Francesco +
Auditory peripersonal space in humans: a case of auditory-tactile interaction 1-gen-2001 Pavani, Francesco +
Deficit of auditory space perception in patients with visuospatial neglect 1-gen-2001 Pavani, Francesco +
Acoustical vision of neglected stimuli: interaction among spatially converging audiovisual inputs in neglect patients 1-gen-2002 Pavani, Francesco +
A common cortical substrate activated by horizontal and vertical sound movement in the human brain 1-gen-2002 Pavani, Francesco +
Selective deficit of auditory localisation in patients with visuospatial neglect 1-gen-2002 Pavani, Francesco +
Auditory and multisensory aspects of visuospatial neglect 1-gen-2003 Pavani, Francesco +
Task-dependent visual coding of sound position in visuospatial neglect patients 1-gen-2003 Pavani, Francesco +
Spatial constraints on visual-tactile crossmodal distractor congruency effects 1-gen-2004 Pavani, Francesco +
Binding personal and extra-personal space through body shadows 1-gen-2004 Pavani, FrancescoCastiello, Umberto
Differential effects of cast shadows on perception and action 1-gen-2004 Bonfiglioli, ClaudiaPavani, FrancescoCastiello, Umberto
Auditory deficits in visuospatial neglect patients 1-gen-2004 Pavani, Francesco +
Multisensory contributions to the 3-D representation of visuotactile peripersonal space in humans: evidence from the crossmodal congruency task 1-gen-2004 Pavani, Francesco +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 121
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