Sfoglia per Autore  Quattrocchi, Carlo Cosimo

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A prospective analysis of CT density measurements of bone metastases after treatment with zoledronic acid 1-gen-2007 Quattrocchi CC +
Posterior pelvic floor disorders: a prospective comparison using introital ultrasound and colpocystodefecography 1-gen-2007 Quattrocchi CC +
Superficial temporal artery pseudoaneurysm: a conservative approach in a critically ill patient 1-gen-2007 Quattrocchi C +
Bone metastases in breast cancer: higher prevalence of osteosclerotic lesions 1-gen-2007 C. C. QUATTROCCHI +
Vocal cord metastasis from breast cancer 1-gen-2007 QUATTROCCHI CC +
Letter to the Editor 1-gen-2007 Quattrocchi CC +
Atypical chronic head and neck pain: don't forget Eagle's syndrome 1-gen-2008 Quattrocchi C +
Gadolinium Enhancement in a Case of Uncomplicated Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome 1-gen-2008 QUATTROCCHI CC +
Types of bone metastases in women with breast cancer undergoing systemic treatments 1-gen-2008 Quattrocchi C +
Ceruloplasmin fragmentation is implicated in 'free' copper deregulation of Alzheimer's disease 1-gen-2008 Quattrocchi C +
Types of bone metastases in women with breast cancer undergoing systemic treatments - Response 1-gen-2008 Quattrocchi C +
Neuronal functionality assessed by magnetoencephalography is related to oxidative stress system in acute ischemic stroke 1-gen-2009 Quattrocchi C +
The combination topotecan, temozolomide and dexamethasone associated with radiotherapy as treatment of central nervous system myeloma relapse 1-gen-2009 Quattrocchi C +
Differentiation of normal neoplastic bone tissue in dynamic gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging: validation of semiautomated technique 1-gen-2010 Quattrocchi CC +
Magnetic resonance imaging markers of Parkinson's disease nigrostriatal signature RID D-1327-2009 1-gen-2010 Quattrocchi C +
Dorsal Brain Stem Syndrome: MR Imaging Location of Brain Stem Tegmental Lesions in Neonates with Oral Motor Dysfunction 1-gen-2010 Quattrocchi C +
Incidence of new fractures in women with osteoporosis-induced vertebral fractures detected on routine lateral chest radiographs 1-gen-2010 Quattrocchi C +
Infratentorial lesion volume correlates with sensory functional system in multiple sclerosis patients: a 3.0-Tesla MRI study 1-gen-2010 Quattrocchi CC +
Encephalocraniocutaneous Lipomatosis (ECCL): Neuroradiological Findings in Three Patients and a New Association With Fibrous Dysplasia 1-gen-2011 Quattrocchi C +
Resting state cortical electroencephalographic rhythms and white matter vascular lesions in subjects with Alzheimer's disease: an Italian multicenter study 1-gen-2011 Quattrocchi CC +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 126
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