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Remarks on and cosmological extensions of covariant renormalizable gravity 1-gen-2015 Lorenzo SebastianiSunny VagnozziSergio Zerbini +
Diurnal modulation signal from dissipative hidden sector dark matter 1-gen-2015 Vagnozzi, Sunny +
Dissipative hidden sector dark matter 1-gen-2015 Vagnozzi, Sunny +
Inflation in f(R,ϕ)-theories and mimetic gravity scenario 1-gen-2015 Sebastiani, LorenzoVagnozzi, Sunny +
Solving the small-scale structure puzzles with dissipative dark matter 1-gen-2016 Sunny Vagnozzi +
Covariant Hořava-like and mimetic Horndeski gravity: cosmological solutions and perturbations 1-gen-2016 Cognola, GuidoSebastiani, LorenzoVagnozzi, SunnyZerbini, Sergio +
Static spherically symmetric solutions in mimetic gravity: rotation curves and wormholes 1-gen-2016 Lorenzo SebastianiSergio ZerbiniSunny Vagnozzi +
Improvement of cosmological neutrino mass bounds 1-gen-2016 Vagnozzi, Sunny +
Solar Models in Light of New High Metallicity Measurements from Solar Wind Data 1-gen-2017 Sunny Vagnozzi +
Unveiling ν secrets with cosmological data: Neutrino masses and mass hierarchy 1-gen-2017 Sunny Vagnozzi +
Impact of neutrino properties on the estimation of inflationary parameters from current and future observations 1-gen-2017 Sunny Vagnozzi +
Mimetic Gravity: A Review of Recent Developments and Applications to Cosmology and Astrophysics 1-gen-2017 Lorenzo SebastianiSunny Vagnozzi +
Recovering a MOND-like acceleration law in mimetic gravity 1-gen-2017 Sunny Vagnozzi
Tale of stable interacting dark energy, observational signatures, and the H0 tension 1-gen-2018 Sunny Vagnozzi +
Mimicking dark matter and dark energy in a mimetic model compatible with GW170817 1-gen-2018 Alessandro CasalinoMassimiliano RinaldiLorenzo SebastianiSunny Vagnozzi
Brane-world extra dimensions in light of GW170817 1-gen-2018 Sunny Vagnozzi +
Constraints on the sum of the neutrino masses in dynamical dark energy models with w(z)≥-1 are tighter than those obtained in ΛCDM 1-gen-2018 Sunny Vagnozzi +
Cosmological dynamics of mimetic gravity 1-gen-2018 Sunny Vagnozzi +
Scale-dependent galaxy bias, CMB lensing-galaxy cross-correlation, and neutrino masses 1-gen-2018 Sunny Vagnozzi +
Bias due to neutrinos must not uncorrect'd go 1-gen-2018 Sunny Vagnozzi +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 67
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