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Youth's perception of tourism impact: Policy implications for Folgaria (Italy) 1-gen-2011 Faccioli M.
Residents' perception and attitudes towards tourism impacts: A case study of the small rural community of Folgaria (Trentino - Italy) 1-gen-2011 Faccioli M. +
Valuing the Recreational Benefits of Wetland Adaptation to Climate Change: A Trade-off Between Species’ Abundance and Diversity 1-gen-2015 Faccioli M. +
Do we care about sustainability? An analysis of time sensitivity of social preferences under environmental time-persistent effects 1-gen-2016 Faccioli M. +
Waiting or acting now? The effect on willingness-to-pay of delivering inherent uncertainty information in choice experiments 1-gen-2017 Faccioli M. +
Stated Preferences for Conservation Policies Under Uncertainty: Insights on the Effect of Individuals’ Risk Attitudes in the Environmental Domain 1-gen-2019 Faccioli M. +
Economic valuation of ecosystem goods and services: a review for decision makers 1-gen-2019 Faccioli M. +
The natural capital approach to integrating science, economics and policy into decisions affecting the natural environment 1-gen-2020 Faccioli, MichelaFezzi, Carlo +
Biodiversity and ecosystem services net gain assessment: A comparison of metrics 1-gen-2020 Faccioli M. +
Environmental attitudes and place identity as determinants of preferences for ecosystem services 1-gen-2020 Faccioli M. +
Stakeholder perceptions of public good provision from agriculture and implications for governance mechanism design 1-gen-2021 Faccioli M. +
The opportunity cost of delaying climate action: Peatland restoration and resilience to climate change 1-gen-2021 Faccioli M. +
More in Good Condition or Less in Bad Condition? Valence-Based Framing Effects in Environmental Valuation 1-gen-2022 Faccioli, M +
Combined carbon and health taxes outperform single-purpose information or fiscal measures in designing sustainable food policies 1-gen-2022 Faccioli M. +
Does local Natural Capital Accounting deliver useful policy and management information? A case study of Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks 1-gen-2023 Faccioli, Michela +
Who should benefit from environmental policies? Social preferences and non-market values for the distribution of environmental improvements 1-gen-2024 Faccioli Michela +
Enhancing the face validity of choice experiments: A simple diagnostic check 1-gen-2024 Faccioli, Michela +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 17 di 17
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