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Discovering causal relationships in grapevine expression data to expand gene networks. A case study: four networks related to climate change 1-gen-2018 Malacarne, GiuliaPilati, StefaniaValentini, SamuelAsnicar, FrancescoMasera, LucaCavecchia, ValterBlanzieri, EnricoMoser, Claudio +
OneGenE: Regulatory Gene Network Expansion via Distributed Volunteer Computing on BOINC 1-gen-2019 Asnicar, FrancescoMasera, LucaValentini, SamuelCavecchia, ValterBlanzieri, Enrico +
PaCBAM: Fast and scalable processing of whole exome and targeted sequencing data 1-gen-2019 Valentini S.Fedrizzi T.Demichelis F.Romanel A.
Exploring functionally annotated transcriptional consensus regulatory elements with CONREL 1-gen-2020 Dalfovo, DavideValentini, SamuelRomanel, Alessandro
TranSNPs: A class of functional SNPs affecting mRNA translation potential revealed by fraction-based allelic imbalance 1-gen-2021 Valentini S.Marchioretti C.Bisio A.Rossi A.Zaccara S.Romanel A.Inga A.
The structural coverage of the human proteome before and after AlphaFold 1-gen-2022 Valentini, Samuel +
YES1 and MYC Amplifications as Synergistic Resistance Mechanisms to Different Generation ALK Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Advanced NSCLC: Brief Report of Clinical and Preclinical Proofs 1-gen-2022 Valentini S.Bertorelli R.De Sanctis V.Fassan P.Romanel A. +
Polympact: Exploring functional relations among common human genetic variants 1-gen-2022 Valentini S.Gandolfi F.Dalfovo D.Romanel A. +
Computational analysis of effects and interactions among human variants in complex diseases 18-ott-2022 Valentini, Samuel
Germline determinants of aberrant signaling pathways in cancer 1-gen-2024 Dalfovo, DavideScandino, RiccardoPaoli, MartaValentini, SamuelRomanel, Alessandro
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