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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
Phylogenomic proof of recurrent demipolyploidization and evolutionary stalling of the “triploid bridge” in arundo (Poaceae) 1-gen-2020 Li M.Zadra N.Rota Stabelli O. +
Phylogenomics of Opsin Genes in Diptera Reveals Lineage-Specific Events and Contrasting Evolutionary Dynamics in Anopheles and Drosophila 1-gen-2021 Zadra, NSegata, NRota Stabelli, O +
Chronological incongruences between mitochondrial and nuclear phylogenies of aedes mosquitoes 1-gen-2021 Zadra N.Rota Stabelli O. +
The Impact of Fast Radiation on the Phylogeny of Bactrocera Fruit Flies as Revealed by Multiple Evolutionary Models and Mutation Rate-Calibrated Clock 1-gen-2022 Zadra, NicolaRota-Stabelli, Omar +
Genome-scaled molecular clock studies of invasive mosquitoes and other organisms of societal relevance 21-apr-2022 Zadra, Nicola
Shallow Whole-Genome Sequencing of Aedes japonicus and Aedes koreicus from Italy and an Updated Picture of Their Evolution Based on Mitogenomics and Barcoding 1-gen-2023 Zadra, NicolaTatti, AlessiaSilverj, AndreaPiccinno, RiccardoDe Sanctis, VeronicaRota-Stabelli, Omar +
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Tackling Invasive Species: Barcoding, Morphology, and Metataxonomy of the Leafhopper Arboridia Adanae 1-gen-2024 Piccinno, RiccardoTatti, AlessiaAvosani, SabinaLazazzara, ValentinaZadra, NicolaRodeghiero, MircoStacconi, Marco Valerio RossiMazzoni, ValerioRota-Stabelli, Omar +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 7 di 7
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