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A retrospective survey on rotated drawing in persons with mild cognitive impairment or degenerative dementia 1-gen-2013 Tagliabue, Chiara Francesca +
Crossmodal representation of a functional robotic hand arises after extensive training in healthy participants 1-gen-2014 Tagliabue, Chiara F. +
Early local activity in temporal areas reflects graded content of visual perception 1-gen-2016 Tagliabue, Chiara F. +
Prestimulus EEG Power Predicts Conscious Awareness But Not Objective Visual Performance 1-gen-2017 Tagliabue, Chiara FrancescaThut, Gregor +
Reliability in reporting perceptual experience: Behaviour and electrophysiology in hemianopic patients 1-gen-2018 Tagliabue, Chiara Francesca +
A group study on the effects of a short multi-domain cognitive training in healthy elderly Italian people 1-gen-2018 Tagliabue, Chiara F +
The EEG signature of sensory evidence accumulation during decision formation closely tracks subjective perceptual experience 1-gen-2019 Chiara F. TagliabueGregor Thut +
Frequency and power of human alpha oscillations drift systematically with time-on-task 1-gen-2019 Tagliabue, Chiara FGross, JoachimThut, Gregor +
Does numerical similarity alter age-related distractibility in working memory? 1-gen-2019 Tagliabue, Chiara FrancescaMazza, Veronica +
Individuation of object parts in aging 1-gen-2020 Tagliabue C. F.Lombardi L.Mazza V.
Learning by task repetition enhances object individuation and memorization in the elderly 1-gen-2020 Tagliabue, Chiara F.Assecondi, SaraMazza, Veronica +
What Can Neural Activity Tell Us About Cognitive Resources in Aging? 1-gen-2021 Tagliabue, Chiara F.Mazza, Veronica
Decoding location-specific and location-invariant stages of numerosity processing in subitizing 1-gen-2021 Wurm, MoritzTagliabue, C. F.Mazza, V.
Age-related effects on online and offline learning in visuo-spatial working memory 1-gen-2022 Tagliabue C. F.Varesio G.Assecondi S.Vescovi M.Mazza V.
Power shift and connectivity changes in healthy aging during resting-state EEG 1-gen-2022 Alessio PerinelliSara AssecondiChiara F. TagliabueVeronica Mazza
Inter- and Intra-Hemispheric Age-Related Remodeling in Visuo-Spatial Working Memory 1-gen-2022 Tagliabue C. F.Varesio G.Mazza V.
Aging and feature binding in visual working memory 1-gen-2022 Holcomb, Alexandria NicoleTagliabue, Chiara FrancescaMazza, Veronica
Training attentive individuation leads to visuo-spatial working memory improvement in low-performing older adults: An online study 1-gen-2022 Tagliabue, Chiara FrancescaVaresio, GretaMazza, Veronica
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 18 di 18
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