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Fragmentation of 1 GeV/nucleon iron ions in thick targets relevant for space exploration 1-gen-2005 La Tessa, Chiara +
Cytogenetic effects of high-energy iron ions: Dependence on shielding thickness and material 1-gen-2005 Durante, MarcoLa Tessa, Chiara +
Comparison of total reaction and charge-changing cross section models with measurements 1-gen-2007 La Tessa, Chiara +
PHITS - benchmark of partial charge-changing cross sections for intermediate-mass systems 1-gen-2007 La Tessa, Chiara +
Test of weak and strong factorization in nucleus-nucleus collisions at several hundred MeV/nucleon 1-gen-2007 La Tessa, Chiara +
Weak and strong factorization properties in nucleus-nucleus collisions in the energy region 290-2100 MeV / nucleon 1-gen-2007 La Tessa, Chiara +
Comparisons of fragmentation spectra using 1 GeV/amu 56Fe data and the PHITS model 1-gen-2008 La Tessa, Chiara +
Estimate of the space station shielding thickness at a USLab site using ALTEA measurements and fragmentation cross sections 1-gen-2009 La Tessa, Chiara +
Simulation of ALTEA calibration data with PHITS, FLUKA and GEANT4 1-gen-2009 La Tessa, Chiara +
The radiation environment in the ISS-USLab measured by ALTEA: Spectra and relative nuclear abundances in the polar, equatorial and SAA regions 1-gen-2010 La Tessa, Chiara +
High energy radiation fluences in the ISS-USLab: Ion discrimination and particle abundances 1-gen-2010 La Tessa, Chiara +
Ion rates in the International Space Station during the December 2006 Solar Particle Event 1-gen-2011 La Tessa, Chiara +
Heavy-ion anisotropy measured by ALTEA in the international space station 1-gen-2011 La Tessa, Chiara +
Out-of-field dose measurements in a water phantom using different radiotherapy modalities 1-gen-2012 Durante, MarcoLa Tessa, Chiara +
Investigations of Single Event Effects With Heavy Ions of Energies up to 1.5 GeV/n 1-gen-2012 Durante, MarcoLa Tessa, Chiara +
Biophysical characterization of a relativistic proton beam for image-guided radiosurgery 1-gen-2012 La Tessa, ChiaraDurante, Marco +
Out-of-field dose studies with an anthropomorphic phantom: Comparison of X-rays and particle therapy treatments 1-gen-2012 La Tessa, ChiaraDurante, Marco +
Total and partial fragmentation cross-section of 500 MeV/nucleon carbon ions on different target materials 1-gen-2013 Durante, MarcoLa Tessa, Chiara +
Real-time online monitoring of the ion range by means of prompt secondary radiations 1-gen-2013 La Tessa, Chiara +
Measurement of charged particle yields from PMMA irradiated by a 220 MeV/u 12C beam 1-gen-2014 Durante, MarcoFaccini, RobertoLa Tessa, Chiara +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 78
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