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Can we support applications' evolution in multi-application smart cards by security-by-contract? 1-gen-2010 Gadyatskaya, OlgaMassacci, Fabio +
A Load Time Policy Checker for Open Multi-application Smart Cards 1-gen-2011 Gadyatskaya, OlgaMassacci, Fabio +
Load Time Security Verification: The Claim Checker 1-gen-2011 Gadyatskaya, OlgaLostal, EduardoMassacci, Fabio
Load Time Security Verification 1-gen-2011 Gadyatskaya, OlgaMassacci, Fabio +
Java Card Architecture for Autonomous Yet Secure Evolution of Smart Cards Applications 1-gen-2012 Gadyatskaya, OlgaMassacci, FabioPaci, Federica +
High-level algorithms and data structures requirements for security-by-contract on Java cards 1-gen-2012 Gadyatskaya, OlgaMassacci, FabioPhilippov, Anton +
Load Time Code Validation for Mobile Phone Java Cards 1-gen-2012 Massacci, FabioGadyatskaya, Olga +
Security of the OSGi platform 1-gen-2012 Philippov, AntonGadyatskaya, OlgaMassacci, Fabio
Security-by-Contract for the OSGi platform 1-gen-2012 Gadyatskaya, OlgaMassacci, FabioPhilippov, Anton
MAP-REDUCE Runtime Enforcement of Information Flow Policies 1-gen-2013 Ngo, Nguyen Nhat MinhMassacci, FabioGadyatskaya, Olga
Controlling application interactions on the novel smart cards with security-by-contract 1-gen-2013 Gadyatskaya, OlgaMassacci, Fabio
Load time code validation for mobile phone Java Cards 1-gen-2013 Gadyatskaya, OlgaMassacci, Fabio +
TruStore: Implementing a Trusted Store for Android 1-gen-2013 Yury, ZhauniarovichBruno, CrispoOlga, Gadyatskaya
An empirical study of the technology transfer potential of EU security and trust R&D projects 1-gen-2014 De Gramatica, MartinaMassacci, FabioGadyatskaya, Olga
Security in the Firefox OS and Tizen mobile platforms 1-gen-2014 Gadyatskaya, OlgaMassacci, FabioZhauniarovich, Yury
StaDynA: Addressing the problem of dynamic code updates in the security analysis of android applications 1-gen-2015 Zhauniarovich, YuryAhmad, MaqsoodGadyatskaya, OlgaCrispo, BrunoMassacci, Fabio
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 16 di 16
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