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Metabolic mapping of suppression scotomas in striate cortex of macaques with experimental strabismus 1-gen-1999 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Rapid identification of ocular dominance columns in macaques using cytochrome oxidase, Zif268, and dark-field microscopy 1-gen-2000 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Effects of different types of disparity cues on the response of axis-orientation selective cells in the monkey parietal cortex 1-gen-2000 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
The cortical representation of shadows cast by retinal blood vessels 1-gen-2000 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
What you see¿ Book review of Inouye, T. (1909) Visual disturbances following gunshot wounds of the cortical visual area 1-gen-2001 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Functional organization of macaque V3 for stereoscopic depth 1-gen-2001 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Visual Disturbances following Gunshot Wounds of the Cortical Visual Area 1-gen-2001 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Shadows cast by retinal blood vessels mapped in primary visual cortex 1-gen-2002 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Blood Vessels Casting a Shadow. Response to a letter from Levick, W.R. 1-gen-2003 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
The representation of retinal blood vessels in primate striate cortex 1-gen-2003 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Complete flatmounting of the macaque cerebral cortex 1-gen-2003 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
A precise retinotopic map of primate striate cortex generated from the representation of angioscotomas 1-gen-2003 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Capricious expression of ocular dominance columns in the primate brain 1-gen-2003 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Normal and Abnormal Visual Development 1-gen-2004 Adams, Daniel Lewis
The cortical column: a structure without a function 1-gen-2005 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Monocular cells without ocular dominance columns 1-gen-2006 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Ocular dominance columns in strabismus 1-gen-2006 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Transmission of spike trains at the retinogeniculate synapse 1-gen-2007 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Ocular motor behavior in macaques with surgical exotropia 1-gen-2007 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
A biocompatible titanium headpost for stabilizing behaving monkeys 1-gen-2007 Adams, Daniel Lewis +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 40
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