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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
Distributed Global Event Synchronization in a Fiber Optic Hypergraph Network 1-gen-1987 Ofek, Yoram +
Resource Sharing on an Optical Hypergraph Using Open Loop Locking 1-gen-1987 Ofek, Yoram +
Integration of Voice Communication on a Synchronous Optical Hypergraph 1-gen-1988 Ofek, Yoram
The Partial Hypergraph as a Centralized Switch 1-gen-1988 Ofek, Yoram
Encoder/decoder system and methodology utilizing conservative coding with block delimiters, for serial communication 1-gen-1989 Ofek, Yoram
Generating Global Clock in Distributed System 1-gen-1989 Ofek, Yoram
Distributed Fairness Algorithm for Local Area Networks with Concurrent Transmissions 1-gen-1989 Ofek, Yoram +
Fairness algorithm for full-duplex buffer insertion ring 1-gen-1990 Ofek, Yoram +
Flow Control and Dead-lock Avoidance on the Partial Hypergraph 1-gen-1990 Ofek, Yoram
The Conservative Code for Bit Synchronization 1-gen-1990 Ofek, Yoram
Principles for High Speed Network Control: lossless-ness and deadlock-freeness, self-routing and a single buffer per link 1-gen-1990 Ofek, Yoram +
Integration of Multi-ring on the MetaRing Architecture 1-gen-1990 Ofek, Yoram
High Speed Network for Real-time Data Acquisition and Control with Lossless and Balanced Self-routing 1-gen-1990 Ofek, Yoram +
Efficient Mechanism for Fairness and Deadlock-Avoidance in High-Speed Networks 1-gen-1990 Ofek, Yoram +
Reliable Multi-User Tree Setup with Local Identifiers 1-gen-1991 Ofek, Yoram +
A Starvation-free Access Protocol for a Full-duplex Buffer Insertion Ring Local Area Network 1-gen-1991 Ofek, Yoram +
Asynchronous Lossless Broadcast-with-Feedback on the MetaNet Architecture 1-gen-1991 Ofek, Yoram +
Performance Study of a Gb/s MetaRing 1-gen-1991 Ofek, Yoram +
A Local Fairness Algorithm for Gigabit LANs/MANs 1-gen-1992 Ofek, Yoram +
Self-Stabilizing Symmetry Breaking in Constant-Space 1-gen-1992 Ofek, Yoram +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 128
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