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Differential activation of frontoparietal attention networks by social and symbolic spatial cues 1-gen-2010 Oosterhof, Nikolaas NuttertHaxby, James Van Loan +
Validation of Data-Driven Computational Models of Social Perception of Faces. 1-gen-2013 Oosterhof, Nikolaas Nuttert +
Testing key predictions of the associative account of mirror neurons in humans using multivariate pattern analysis: Commentary on Cook et al 1-gen-2013 Oosterhof, Nikolaas Nuttert +
Action-specific and cross-modal: neuroimaging the human mirror system 1-gen-2013 Oosterhof, Nikolaas Nuttert +
The Animacy Continuum in the Human Ventral Vision Pathway 1-gen-2014 Haxby, James Van LoanOosterhof, Nikolaas Nuttert +
The strength of alpha and beta oscillations parametrically scale with the strength of an illusory auditory percept 1-gen-2014 Oosterhof, Nikolaas NuttertHartmann, ThomasWeisz, Nathan +
MEG multivariate analysis reveals early abstract action representations in the lateral occipitotemporal cortex 1-gen-2015 Tucciarelli, RaffaeleTurella, LucaOosterhof, Nikolaas NuttertWeisz, NathanLingnau, Angelika
Beta band modulations underlie action representations for movement planning. 1-gen-2016 Turella, LucaTucciarelli, RaffaeleOosterhof, Nikolaas NuttertLingnau, Angelika +
The neural dynamics of attentional selection in natural scenes 1-gen-2016 Kaiser, Daniel SebastianOosterhof, Nikolaas NuttertPeelen, Marius Vincent
The neural representation of human versus nonhuman bipeds and quadrupeds 1-gen-2017 Papeo, LiubaWurm, Moritz F.Oosterhof, Nikolaas N.Caramazza, Alfonso
Multiple oscillatory rhythms determine the temporal organization of perception 1-gen-2017 Ronconi, LucaOosterhof, Nikolaas N.Bonmassar, ClaudiaMelcher, David +
Time-resolved decoding of planned delayed and immediate prehension movements 1-gen-2018 Ariani, GiacomoOosterhof, Nikolaas N.Lingnau, Angelika
Categorical representation from sound and sight in the ventral occipito-temporal cortex of sighted and blind 1-gen-2020 Mattioni S.Rezk M.Battal C.Bottini R.Oosterhof N. N.Collignon O. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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