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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
Adaptive Service Composition Based on Runtime Requirements Monitoring 1-gen-2011 Ma, ZhigangMylopoulos, Ioannis +
Exploiting the Entire Feature Space with Sparsity for Automatic Image Annotation 1-gen-2011 Ma, ZhigangYang, YingUijlings, Jasper Reinout RobertusSebe, Niculae +
Robust Cross-Media Transfer for Visual Event Detection 1-gen-2012 Ma, Zhigang +
Classifier-specific Intermediate Representation for Multimedia Tasks 1-gen-2012 Ma, ZhigangSebe, Niculae +
Knowledge Adaptation for Ad Hoc Multimedia Event Detection with Few Exemplars 1-gen-2012 Ma, ZhigangSebe, Niculae +
Discriminating joint feature analysis for multimedia data understanding 1-gen-2012 Ma, ZhigangYang, YingUijlings, Jasper Reinout RobertusSebe, Niculae +
Action Recognition by Exploring Data Distribution and Feature Correlation 1-gen-2012 Ma, Zhigang +
Web image annotation via subspace-sparsity collaborated feature selection 1-gen-2012 Ma, ZhigangUijlings, Jasper Reinout RobertusSebe, Niculae +
We Are Not Equally Negative: Fine-grained Labeling for Multimedia Event Detection 1-gen-2013 Ma, ZhigangSebe, Niculae +
Thinking of Images as What They Are: Compound Matrix Regression for Image Classification 1-gen-2013 Ma, ZhigangSebe, Niculae +
Feature Selection for Multimedia Analysis by Sharing Information among Multiple Tasks 1-gen-2013 Ma, ZhigangSebe, Niculae +
Multimedia Event Detection Using a Classifier-specific Intermediate Representation 1-gen-2013 Ma, ZhigangSebe, Niculae +
Image classification with manifold learning for out-of-sample data 1-gen-2013 Ma, Zhigang +
GLocal Structural Feature Selection with Sparsity for Multimedia Data Understanding 1-gen-2013 Yan, YanLiu, GaowenMa, ZhigangSebe, Niculae +
Complex Event Detection via Multi-Source Video Attributes 1-gen-2013 Ma, ZhigangSebe, Niculae +
From Concepts to Events: a Progressive Process for Multimedia content Analysis 1-gen-2013 Ma, Zhigang
Multi-Feature Fusion via Hierarchical Regression for Multimedia Analysis 1-gen-2013 Song, JingkuanMa, ZhigangSebe, Nicu +
Harnessing Lab Knowledge for Real-world Action Recognition 1-gen-2014 Ma, ZhigangSebe, Niculae +
Image Attribute Adaptation 1-gen-2014 Ma, ZhigangSebe, Niculae +
Multiple Features But Few Labels? A Symbiotic Solution Exemplified for Video Analysis 1-gen-2014 Ma, ZhigangSebe, Niculae +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 27
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