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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
Assessing mothers' postpartum depression from their infants' cry vocalizations 1-gen-2020 Esposito, Gianluca +
Brief Exposure to Infants Activates Social and Intergroup Vigilance 1-gen-2020 Esposito, Gianluca +
Building Work Engagement in Organizations: A Longitudinal Study Combining Social Exchange and Social Identity Theories 1-gen-2023 Avanzi, Lorenzo +
A dynamic framework for modelling set-shifting performances 1-gen-2019 D'Alessandro M.Lombardi L.
How Emotional Contagion among Teachers Affects the Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Team Cohesion 1-gen-2023 Avanzi, LorenzoGuglielmi, Dina +
Mental Health of Mothers of Children with Neurodevelopmental and Genetic Disorders in Pakistan 1-gen-2022 Esposito, Gianluca +
Parents' past bonding experience with their parents interacts with current parenting stress to influence quality of interaction with their child 1-gen-2020 Azhari, AtiqahGabrieli, GiulioEsposito, Gianluca +
The Recognition of Cross-Cultural Emotional Faces Is Affected by Intensity and Ethnicity in a Japanese Sample 1-gen-2021 Bonassi, AndreaEsposito, Gianluca +
She thinks in english, but she wants in mandarin: Differences in singaporean bilingual english-mandarin maternal mental-state-talk 1-gen-2020 Setoh, PeipeiBornstein, Marc H.Esposito, Gianluca +
Strangers, Friends, and Lovers Show Different Physiological Synchrony in Different Emotional States 1-gen-2020 Bizzego, AndreaAzhari, AtiqahTruzzi, AnnaGabrieli, GiulioBornstein, Marc H.Setoh, PeipeiEsposito, Gianluca +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 10 di 10
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