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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
Challenges influencing the safety of migrant workers in the construction industry: A qualitative study in Italy, Spain, and the UK 1-gen-2021 Vignoli M. +
Decision support systems for assessing risks involved in transporting hazardous materials: A review 1-gen-2017 Torretta, VincenzoRada, Elena CristinaSchiavon, Marco +
Design of a safety training package for migrant workers in the construction industry 1-gen-2021 Vignoli, Michela +
The integrated migrant worker safety training evaluation model: IMSTEM 1-gen-2021 Vignoli, Michela +
The risks of using ChatGPT to obtain common safety-related information and advice 1-gen-2023 Costantini, Arianna +
A two-wave study on workplace bullying after organizational change: a moderated mediation analysis 1-gen-2017 Balducci, CristianFraccaroli, Franco +
Virtual Special Issue: Staying safe in the workplace: A special issue on understanding safety for migrant workers 1-gen-2021 Vignoli M. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 7 di 7
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