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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
A simple approach to the correlation of rotovibrational states in four-atomic molecules 1-gen-1994 Oss, Stefano +
A Sum Rule Approach to Collective Spin Modes in Paramagnetic Clusters, Cavities and Shells 1-gen-1996 Lipparini, Enrico +
A Sum Rule Approach to Surface Plasmon Dispersion in Simple Metals 1-gen-1992 Lipparini, EnricoPederiva, Francesco
Analytical partitioning of total cross sections for electron scattering on noble gases 1-gen-1996 Brusa, Roberto SennenZecca, Antonio +
Atomic and Molecular Impurities In He-4 Clusters 1-gen-1994 Dalfovo, Franco
Collective Excitations in Deformed Alkali Metal Clusters 1-gen-1991 Lipparini, EnricoStringari, Sandro
Density-functional Calculations for He-4 Droplets 1-gen-1995 Dalfovo, FrancoStringari, Sandro +
Fermi resonances in the one-dimensional algebraic model 1-gen-1995 Oss, Stefano
Fission of Ionized Alkali Metal Clusters 1-gen-1990 Lipparini, Enrico +
He-3 Impurities on He-4 Clusters 1-gen-1989 Dalfovo, Franco
Influence of Core Electrons on Plasmon Oscillations 1-gen-1993 Pederiva, FrancescoLipparini, Enrico
INFLUENCE OF CORE ELECTRONS ON PLASMON OSCILLATIONS 1-gen-1993 Lipparini, EnricoPederiva, Francesco
Influence of Core Electrons on Plasmon Oscillations 1-gen-1993 Pederiva, Francesco +
p-Plasmon Modes C60 Clusters 1-gen-1993 Lipparini, Enrico +
Sum Rules for the Spin Surface Response of Metal Clusters within the Time Dependent Local Spin Density Approximation 1-gen-1997 Lipparini, Enrico +
Two-Photon States in Alkali Metal Clusters 1-gen-1991 Leonardi, RenzoLipparini, Enrico
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 16 di 16
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