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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
Activity, non-selective attention and emotionality in dopamine D2/D3 receptor knock-out mice 1-gen-2002 Pignatelli, MarioBozzi YBorrelli E +
Asymmetry in antennal contacts during trophallaxis in ants 1-gen-2012 Elisa Frasnelli +
Behavioural and electrophysiological lateralization in a social (Apis mellifera) and in a non-social (Osmia cornuta) species of bee. 1-gen-2010 Anfora, GianfrancoFrasnelli, ElisaVallortigara, Giorgio +
Behavioural lateralization in sheep (Ovis aries) 1-gen-2007 Versace, ElisabettaVallortigara, Giorgio +
Bilateral participation of the hippocampus in familiar landmark navigation by homing pigeons. 1-gen-2002 Vallortigara, Giorgio +
Brain asymmetry modulates perception of biological motion in newborn chicks (Gallus gallus) 1-gen-2015 Rugani, RosaRosa Salva, OrsolaVallortigara, Giorgio +
Chicks discriminate human gaze with their right hemisphere. 1-gen-2007 Rosa Salva, OrsolaVallortigara, Giorgio +
Compensatory networks to counteract the effects of ageing on language 1-gen-2013 Miniussi, Carlo +
The development of attachment: Integrating genes, brain, behavior, and environment 1-gen-2017 Esposito, Gianluca +
Does the type prehension influence the kinematics of reaching? 1-gen-1992 Castiello, Umberto +
Dogs turn left to emotional stimuli 1-gen-2010 Vallortigara, Giorgio +
Effects of embryonic light stimulation on the ability to discriminate left from right in the domestic chick. 1-gen-2009 Vallortigara, Giorgio +
Effects of fluoxetine on behavioral deficits evoked by chronic social stress in rats 1-gen-2006 Domenici, Enrico +
Effects of light stimulation in embryo on the use of position-specific and object-specific cues in binocular and monocular chicks 1-gen-2005 Vallortigara, Giorgio +
Environmental factors and teenagers’ personalities: the role of personal and familial socio-cultural level 1-gen-2017 Cubelli, Roberto +
Eye use during viewing a reflection: behavioural lateralisation in zebrafish larvae 1-gen-2006 Sovrano, Valeria Anna +
Filial responses as predisposed and learned preferences: Early attachment in chicks and babies 1-gen-2017 Di Giorgio, E.Mayer, U.Rosa-Salva, O.Versace, E.Vallortigara, G. +
First exposure to an alive conspecific activates septal and amygdaloid nuclei in visually-naïve domestic chicks (Gallus gallus) 1-gen-2017 Mayer, UweRosa Salva, OrsolaVallortigara, Giorgio
Frogs and toads in front of a mirror: Lateralisation of response to social stimuli in tadpoles of five anuran species. 1-gen-2002 Sovrano, Valeria Anna +
Frogs and toads in front of a mirror: lateralisation of response to social stimuli in tadpoles of five anuran species. 1-gen-2002 Sovrano, Valeria Anna +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 72
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