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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
A bcl-2/IgH Antisense Transcript Deregulates bcl-2 Gene Expression in Human Follicular Lymphoma t(14;18) Cell Lines 1-gen-1996 Quattrone, Alessandro +
Antisense transcription at the TRPM2 locus as a novel prognostic marker and therapeutic target in prostate cancer 1-gen-2015 Chiacchiera F +
aPKCζ cortical loading is associated with Lgl cytoplasmic release and tumor growth in Drosophila and human epithelia 1-gen-2007 Bellosta, Paola +
Changing the p53 master regulatory network: ELEMENTary, my dear Mr Watson. 1-gen-2007 Inga, Alberto +
Characterization of the p53 mutants ability to inhibit p73β transactivation using a yeast-based functional assay 1-gen-2003 Monti P.Ciribilli Y.Aprile A.Inga A. +
Context-dependent modulation of aggressiveness of pediatric tumors by individual oncogenic RAS isoforms 1-gen-2021 Biressi S. +
Cytokine response gene 6 induces p21 and regulates both cell growth and arrest. 1-gen-1999 Cereseto, Anna +
Cytokine response gene 8 (CR8) regulates the cell cycle G1-S phase transition and promotes cellular survival. 1-gen-2001 Cereseto, Anna +
DNA methylation variations are required for epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition induced by cancer-associated fibroblasts in prostate cancer cells 1-gen-2017 V. Del VescovoM. A. Denti +
Effective targeting of breast cancer stem cells by combined inhibition of Sam68 and Rad51 1-gen-2022 Lo Iacono M.Militello G.Zippo A.Poli V.Fagnocchi L.Beyes S.Todaro M. +
Histone deacetylase 6 controls Notch3 trafficking and degradation in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells 1-gen-2018 Minuzzo S.Fossati G.Ciribilli Y. +
HTLV-I Tax transrepresses the human c-Myb promoter independently of its interaction with CBP or p300. 1-gen-2000 Cereseto, Anna +
Limiting amounts of p27Kip1 correlates with constitutive activation of cyclin E-CDK2 complex in HTLV-I-transformed T-cells. 1-gen-1999 Cereseto, Anna +
Shc3 affects human high-grade astrocytomas survival. 1-gen-2005 Conti, Luciano +
Signaling through the ARK tyrosine kinase receptor protects from apoptosis in the absence of growth stimulation 1-gen-1997 Bellosta, Paola +
TMPRSS2:ERG gene fusion associated with lethal prostate cancer in a watchful waiting cohort. 1-gen-2007 Demichelis, Francesca +
Tumour p53 mutations exhibit promoter selective dominance over wild type p53 1-gen-2002 Monti P.Ciribilli Y.Inga A. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 17 di 17
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