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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
A computer program for structural refinement from thin film XRD patterns 1-gen-1998 Leoni, MatteoScardi, Paolo
Application of the rietveld method to phase analysis of multilayered systems 1-gen-1993 Lutterotti, LucaScardi, Paolo +
Domain Size Analysis in the Rietveld Method 1-gen-2010 Leoni, MatteoScardi, Paolo +
Elastic behaviour of thin stabilized-zirconia coatings 1-gen-2004 Scardi, PaoloLeoni, Matteo +
Elastic constants of LPPS stabilized-zirconia coatings 1-gen-2002 Leoni, MatteoScardi, Paolo +
Grain surface relaxation and grain interaction in powder diffraction 1-gen-2004 Leoni, Matteo
Influence of crystallite size and microstrain on structure refinement 1-gen-1991 Scardi, PaoloLutterotti, LucaDi Maggio, RosaMaistrelli, Paul
Kinetics of Ag distributions in high lead glass by real time synchrotron powder diffraction 1-gen-2000 Leoni, Matteo +
Line profile analysis in Rietveld method and Whole-Powder-Pattern Fitting 1-gen-2001 Scardi, PaoloLeoni, Matteo +
Low temperature X-ray powder diffraction of ceria-stabilized Zirconia 1-gen-1993 Maistrelli, PaulLutterotti, LucaScardi, Paolo
Microstructure and phase morphology of diamond thin films by synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction 1-gen-1996 Leoni, MatteoScardi, Paolo +
Multicapillary optics for materials science studies 1-gen-2000 Scardi, PaoloSetti, SergioLeoni, Matteo
On Faulting in Nanocrystallites of FCC Metals 1-gen-2011 Beyerlein, Kenneth RoyLeoni, MatteoScardi, Paolo +
Residual stress in diamond coatings by synchrotron radiation XRD 1-gen-1996 Scardi, PaoloLeoni, Matteo +
Residual stresses in polycrystalline thin films 1-gen-2000 Scardi, Paolo +
Standard reference materials for the measurement of instrument resolution functions: effect of transparency 1-gen-1998 Leoni, MatteoScardi, Paolo +
Strain-texture correlation in r.f. magnetron sputtered thin films 1-gen-2000 Leoni, MatteoScardi, Paolo +
Stress and diffusion in Nb-W bilayers 1-gen-2000 Leoni, Matteo +
Stress in thin layers: grain interaction elastic constants and diffraction response 1-gen-2000 Leoni, Matteo +
Structure-Microstructure Relationships in LiMn2O4 Spinel Phase 1-gen-1998 Scardi, PaoloLeoni, Matteo +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 27
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