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Titolo Anno di pubblicazione Autori Unitn File
A broadband, background-free quarterwave plate based on plasmonic metasurfaces 1-gen-2012 Gaburro, Zeno +
Aberration-free ultrathin flat lenses and axicons at telecom wavelengths based on plasmonic metasurfaces 1-gen-2012 Gaburro, Zeno +
Anharmonicity and Doping Melt the Charge Density Wave in Single-Layer TiSe2 1-gen-2020 Calandra, Matteo +
Coherent coupling of WS2 monolayers with metallic photonic nanostructures at room temperature 1-gen-2016 Azzini S. +
Gate-Tunable Magnetism and Giant Magnetoresistance in Suspended Rhombohedral-Stacked Few-Layer Graphene 1-gen-2022 Calandra, Matteo +
Infrared Resonance Raman of Bilayer Graphene: Signatures of Massive Fermions and Band Structure on the 2D Peak 1-gen-2024 Marchese, GuglielmoCalandra, Matteo +
Long-Range Rhombohedral-Stacked Graphene through Shear 1-gen-2020 Calandra, Matteo +
Molecular and nanostructural mechanisms of deformation, strength and toughness of spider silk fibrils 1-gen-2010 Pugno, Nicola +
Nanoconfinement of Spider Silk Fibrils Begets Superior Strength, Extensibility, and Toughness 1-gen-2011 Pugno, Nicola +
Optical Absorption and Photoluminescence of Single-Layer Boron Nitride from a First-Principles Cumulant Approach 1-gen-2024 Marini, GiovanniCalandra, MatteoCudazzo, Pierluigi
Optimized Assembly of a Multifunctional RNA-Protein Nanostructure in a Cell-Free Gene Expression System 1-gen-2018 Chizzolini, FabioMansy, Sheref S. +
Out-of-plane reflection and refraction of light by anisotropic optical antenna metasurfaces with phase discontinuities 1-gen-2012 Gaburro, Zeno +
Ultrafast all-optical switching in a silicon-nanocrystal based silicon slot waveguide at telecom wavelengths 1-gen-2010 Guider, RomainDaldosso, NicolaPavesi, Lorenzo +
π-Electronic Co-crystal Microcavities with Selective Vibronic-Mode Light Amplification: Toward Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Lasing 1-gen-2018 Azzini S. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 14 di 14
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